First Ripe Tomatoes of 2017 – Red Robin

Well, almost ripe anyhow, 129 days from seed, 99 from potting up into 1-gallon pots.  These micro-dwarf tomato plants were grown indoors about 85% of the time, but have been moved in and out many times, as well being transported at least six times.

A couple more cold nights ahead, so once again I moved all seedlings into a small bedroom that is trying to function as a greenhouse:

When outside, this is the best I can manage for a greenhouse/high tunnel:

Gotta keep them away from the many dogs in the neighborhood.  There is no way to get the temperatures up into the 80-90° range, which would make them grow much faster than the mostly cool weather of late.  But they should be relatively hardy, at least.

Oh yes, as posted last week, I did attempt using a domed hoop house at Fumarole Farm for hardening off seedlings.  Disaster –

Pretty well roasted after just one day:

And toast after a week:

Of 72 seedlings in this trial, perhaps two pepper and 5 eggplant seedlings might pull through.  The design is great for growing through the winter, but there is no way to completely open up the plastic when the intense sunshine of this time of year jacks the temperature up to the 130° F range or higher.  Of course it might help if I lived where I grow instead of leaving tender young seedlings to the elements, unattended, for days at a time!







Fumarole Farm Teams Up with Delectation of Tomatoes

Yesterday I helped cover a domed hoop house at Fumarole Farm and this morning we placed pepper seedlings inside.  With about 25° F predicted for the low temperature this weekend, I am not concerned about the cold damaging the seedlings.  Dan, the property owner, has been growing tomatoes, peppers and other garden plants all winter long for several years using these domed hoop houses.  See his Facebook page:

This 120-acre farm is located downstream from Baker Hot Springs at the base of Fumarole Butte in Juab County, Utah.  Following are a few pictures.

At or near the source – notice salt crystals along the edge.  We measured total dissolved solids at over 5,000 ppm – that was as high as the device would measure, so obviously watering plants with this water directly would be deadly to the plants!  Baker Hot Springs water temperatures range from 180° F at one source to about 85° where the water is used to heat domed hoop houses.


Dome before adding plastic – about 18 feet in diameter, 16 ribs made from 1-inch PVC pipe.

Water flowing into the pond under the dome:

Dome now covered with greenhouse plastic film:

View from inside – it feels like a tropical jungle!

These are pepper seedlings, freshly potted up from plug trays.  There should be room for over ninety 1020 trays if we maximized space.  In addition to high humidity and the risk of overheating (we did cut a vent hole on the top), one concern is mice, which have taken their share of seedlings in the past.  Mouse traps set.

P.S. – The next morning I woke up to this:

So many days in March and April have felt like Summer, including several days of record high temperatures.  It has been tempting to plant early…

I am mostly through with planting seeds for seedlings this year.  Following are lists of eggplant, pepper and tomato varieties which I’ve planted for this year.  Some go to the Fumarole Farm Project, some to the Russian Tomato Project, some to the Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch Project, and some are bound for market.

Note that these are not “seeds for sale” lists (not yet, anyhow); for those, please visit:

EGGPLANT (5 varieties)

Black Beauty
Orient Charm
Ping Tung

PEPPER (63 varieties)

Aji Limon
Ancho (Poblano)
Bahamian Goat
Bhut Jolokia
Big Red
Bleeding Borg 9
Bolivian Rainbow
Bonda Ma Jacques
Brazilian Starfish
Burgundy 7 Pod
California Wonder
Caramel Moruga
Carolina Reaper
Chocolate Borg 9
Chocolate Brainstrain
Chocolate Habanero
Chocolate Naga X Brain
Doe Hill
Dulce Italiano
Feher Ozon
Friariello de Napoli
Ga Sangwa Kinnet
Genghis Khan Brain
Jalapeño, Early
Jalapeño, Tam Mild
Jalapeño, Traveler’s Strain
Jay’s Peach Ghost Scorpion
King of the North
Le Rouge Royal
Lesya Necsi
Maska Sarga
Mini Bell
Orange Sun
Orangevyi Korol
Paper Lantern
Paradiscom Alaku Sarga Szentes
Prairie Fire
Rocoto Red
Serrano Tampequeno
Siberian First
Siling Haba
Spanish Spice
Striped Holland
Super Red Pimento
Sweet Crunch Orange
Tabasco Annco BGft
Unknown Mexico thick
Unknown Mexico thin
Wenk’s Yellow
White 7 Pod
Yellow Brain Strain
Zheltyi Slon

TOMATO (354 varieties)

Abe Lincoln
Abkhaziya Rozovaya
Adamovo Yabloko
Aker’s Oxheart
Aker’s West Virginia
Alabama Belle
Altayskiy Belyy
Alyi Mustang
Amana Orange
Amazon Chocolate
Amish Potato Leaf
Andrew Rahart’s Jumbo Red
Andy Buckflats Wonder
Angela Giant
Anmore Dewdrop
Arabskyi Gigant
Argentinskaya Slivka
Astana 6
Aunt Gertie’s Gold
Auria, offtype
Aussie Drops
B’lgarska Khala
Babushka Byka
Babushkina Radost’
Babushkino Bych’ye Serdtse
Bangladesh Heart
Barlow Jap
Bear Creek
Berkeley Tie-dye Heart
Bezymyannyie Semonovny
Big Cheef OP
Big Yellow Simpson
Big Zac
Bill Bean Select
Biyskiy Rozan
Black Beauty
Black Cherry
Black from Tula
Black Master
Black Mountain Pink
Bloody Butcher
Bochkovoy Minusinskiy
Bodryi Ptichyi Krik
Bolgarskyi Delikates
Boroda Printsa
Bozhyi Dar
Brad’s Black Heart
Brandy Boy
Brandywine from Croatia, PL
Brandywine, Texas
Budonovka Starinnaya
Bugay Rozovyi
Bukharskoye Bych’ye Serdtse
Bŭlgarska Khala
Buzkove Ozero
Bychiy Myod
Bych’ye Serdtse Abakanskoye
Bych’ye Serdtse Kazakhstanskoye
Bych’ye Serdtse Minusinskoye Kistevoye
Bychyi Mod 1106 Gr.
Cascade Village Blue
Casey’s Pure Yellow
Chernyi Okshart
Chernyi Okskhart
Chervonnyi Gigant
Chocolate Champion
Chudo Gollandii
Churra Plum
Corazon De Bue
Cosmonaut Volkov
Couer de Bob
Coustralee, Khilenko
Da Barao Tsarskyi Krasnyi Ukrainskyi
Daniel Burson
Dwarf Mr. Snow
Dwarf Russian Swirl
Dwarf Stone
Dwarf Wild Fred
Earl’s Green Cherry
Early Chatham
Early Salad, Hybrid
Flathead Monster Orange
Fleur de Reagir
Forest Fire
Fourth of July
Fourth of July (OP)
G. G.’s Yellow Belgian
Gajo de Melon
Gary’O Sena
General Kornilov
Giant Italian Paste
Gigant Napy
Gigant Zenta Semi
Girl Girl’s Weird Thing
Gladiator Hybrid
Goluboy Les
Gom Bal
Goose Creek Black
Gospozha Udacha
Grandpa’s Cock’s Plume
Greek, unknown
Green Doctors Frosted
Gregori’s Altai
Grub’s Mystery Green
Hagan Little Yellow
Hazel Mae
Herman’s Yellow
Honey Giant
Huge Black
Huge Giant Yellow
Indigo Black Shadow
Iosi- San
Irish Stripes
Ispanskiy Gigant
Ital’Yanskaya Grusha
Iva Red Berry
Jabučar Velika Plana
Japanese Oxheart
Jaune Flammee
Joe’s Pink Oxheart
Joe’s Plum
Kavkazskaya Liana
Kavkazskyi Velikan
Kazakhskaya Sliva
Kellogg’s Breakfast
King Kong
Kitayskyi Obsypnoy Malysh
Komandor Fortuna
Kommercheskyi Rozovyi
Kot Timofey
Krainiy Sever
Krasochnaya Sliva
Kubanskaya Sliva
Kukla’s Portuguese Beefsteak
Lapot’ Iz Sadovki
Lemon Drop
Leningradskyi Serdtsevidnyi
Lila Sari
Lime Green Salad
Lithium Sunset X Indigo Rose
Livingston’s Gold Ball
Lyubimyye Kurskiye
Maddeline’s Vine Candy
Makedonskoye Rozovoye Chudo
Malakhitovaya Shkatulka
Malina Treston
Malinovyi Rassvet
Marizol Gold
Marshal Pobeda
Matchless (Austin)
Medvezh’Ye Serdtse
Megamarv, Khilenko
Mexico, Khilenko
Michael’s Portuguese Monster
Minusinskiy Yablochnyy Rozovyy
Minusinskyi Nizkoroslyi
Minusinskyi Pertsevidnyi
Minusinskyi Ploskyi
Minusinskyi Starinnyi
Minusinskyi Urozhaynyi
Miss Kennedy
Moldavskyie Rozovyie
Mont Athos
Moravsky Div
Mr. Bruno
Mule Team
Nizkoroslyi Sverkhrannyi
Nochnaya Svecha
Old Heart Italian
Omskyi Velikan
Orange Bourgoin
Orange Pixie
Peaches and Cream
Pink Berkeley Tie-dye
Pink Oxheart
Pobeda Kosmonavtiki
Pol’skoye Serdtse Gigant
Poma Amoris Minora Lutea
Prezident Yuar
Purple Cherry
Purple Elgin GWR
Purple Reign
Rannyaya Lyubov
Red Alert
Red Barn
Red Belly
Red Groppi
Regina’s Yellow
Reibais Kekars
Rhoades Heirloom
Rosella Purple
Rozovyi Gigant
Rufus Carrigan’s Mexican Pink
Russian Oxheart
Russian Rose
Russkiy Razmer Malinovyy
Russkiy Razmer Rozovyy
Russo Sicilian
San Marzano
Sasha’s Altai
Schlicht’s Orange Cherry
Serdtse Italii
Serebryanyi Klyuch
Shadow Boxing
Sibirskiy Skorospelyi
Slava Moldovy
Sleeping Lady
Solntse Moyo
Sophie’s Choice
Sosedi Otdykhayut
Spasskyie Iz Ryazani
Spyashchyi Gigant
Striped Sweetheart Dark
Sub Arctic 2
Sugar Plum Fairy
Summer Sunrise
Sunrise Bumblebee
Super Nova
Super Sioux
Teschchin Yazyk
Tollison’s German
Tomatoberry – H
Tondio Liscio
Ukh, Visit!
Ukrainian Pear
Ukrainskyi Gigant
Ultra Skorospelyi
Uralskiy Ranniy
Vinnaya Bukhta
Vinnyi Bolgarskyi Velikan
Virginia Sweets
Volov’ye Serdtse Pobeditel
V 2010 V Minusinske
Wessel’s Purple Pride
Wild Thyme Purple
Work Release Paste
Ya- Gigant
Yablochnyy Lipetskiy
Yegipetskaya Lad’ya
Yellow Beefsteak
Yellow Out Red In
Yellow Star
Yukon Quest
Yusupovskyi S Fergany
Zagadka Doliny Roz
Zagadka Doliny Roz Sertsevidnaya
Zagadka Prirody
Zalais Pipertomats
Zamok Shartr
Zapotec Red
Zeke Dishman, Khilenko
Zheltij Delikates
Zhenskaya Grud’
Zluta Kytice
Zolotoy Myod

Looks like I’ve got my work cut out for me again this year – back at it!

New HQ 4 DT

New Headquarters established for Delectation of Tomatoes in Delta, Utah

361 S 300 W Apt 15
Delta, UT 84624
United States of America

This is a tiny 1-room rental and is the first time in a year that I have unpacked my suitcase!

Entire seed inventory of Delectation of Tomatoes is now reasonably accessible without having to stack and unstack boxes constantly:

The tables are packed with boxes of seeds underneath as well. These take up the entire living room, and I have set up light stands to grow seedlings in 288-cell plug trays in the tiny bedroom.

The business still owns not a square inch of land, and for the seventh year running, I will be growing on property that belongs to others.  Hint:  please tell your gardening friends that there is a viable alternative to the big box stores for seeds – with nearly 3,000 varieties in inventory!

Or anyone who thinks it’s a good idea to preserve heirloom seeds from around the world – any kind of support would be much appreciated, as this monumental effort merits institutional backing…

This year, much of my growing efforts will be on Fumarole Farm (tentative name), located near:

39.614566, -112.721611

Steam from Baker Hot Springs is visible on the other side of the fence.  More about this project another day.

I attempted to grow several plants of Striped Holland pepper (aka Enjoya Pepper) indoors.  Not a lot of luck – huge aphid problem, as usual, and being in transition has made growing indoors especially challenging.  But here’s what they produced:

These are very tasty and quite sweet peppers, but they had only a few seeds and are not striped as I was hoping (see pictures from a couple of blog posts ago).  I did read that this variety is grown on grafted plants.  Maybe it’s a hybrid?  I need to do more research.

I had much better luck with growing Red Robin indoors – a micro-dwarf tomato variety with tiny red, fruits:

Picture above is of a Red Robin seedling started indoors in December, 2016;
while that below is of the delicious fruits, weighing an average of 7.7 grams,
from which parent seeds were extracted on 9-06-2016.

These seeds yielded 100% germination rate (12/12 seeds).  All 12 seedlings are doing well and have fruits or flowers.  For the most part, I have grown them under a metal halide 400-watt bulb.

Planting seeds by the hundreds tomorrow – let the new growing season begin!!


Grow-out List for 2017

Following is a partial and very preliminary list of tomato varieties I’m planning to trial in 2017, and hopefully save enough seeds for sharing.  At this point (January 30, 2017), it includes 140 Russian (mostly) varieties, of which 30 were crop failures in 2016; that is, I attempted to grow them in 2016 but was unable to save seeds.  In addition to these, there is a developing list of at least 150 additional varieties that I need to grow again to replenish seeds.

A very small sample of what some of these Russian varieties looked like in 2016:

Bych'ye Serdtse Minusinskoye s Nosikom

Bych’ye Serdtse Minusinskoye s Nosikom

Bych'ye Serdtse Minusinskoye Zholtoye

Bych’ye Serdtse Minusinskoye Zholtoye



The preliminary list for 2017: transliterations are provisional and translations need to be checked with a qualified translator before publishing.  Plus some of these varieties may be from other parts of the world, then variety names translated into Russian.  Research is ongoing, but feel free to enlighten me!  Email

No. Russian Variety Name Transliterated to English
1 Абаканец Abakanets
2 Абхазия розовая Abkhaziya Rozovaya
3 Адамово яблоко Adamovo Yabloko
4 Алтайский белый Altayskiy Belyy
5 Алый мустанг Alyy Mustang
6 Арабский гигант Arabskiy Gigant
7 Аргентинская сливка Argentinskaya Slivka
8 Астана 6 Astana 6
9 Бьлгарска хала B’lgarska Khala
10 Бабушка быка Babushka Byka
11 Бабушкина радость Babushkina Radost’
12 Бабушкино бычье сердце Babushkino Bych’ye Serdtse
13 Безымянные Семёновны Bezymyannyye Semonovny
14 Бирма Birma
15 Бийский розан Biyskiy Rozan
16 Бочковой Минусинский Bochkovoy Minusinskiy
17 Бодрый птичий крик Bodryy Ptichiy Krik
18 Болгарский деликатес Bolgarskiy Delikates
19 Бордовый Bordovyy
20 Борода принца Boroda Printsa
21 Божий дар Bozhiy Dar
22 Будёновка старинная Budonovka Starinnaya
23 Бугай розовый Bugay Rozovyy
24 Бухарское бычье сердце Bukharskoye Bych’ye Serdtse
25 Българска хала Bŭlgarska Khala
26 Бузкове озеро Buzkove Ozero
27 Бычий Мёд Bychiy Mod
28 Бычий мёд Bychiy Myod
29 Бычье сердце Абаканское Bych’ye Serdtse Abakanskoye
30 Бычье сердце Казахстанское Bych’ye Serdtse Kazakhstanskoye
31 Бычье сердце Минусинское кистевое Bych’ye Serdtse Minusinskoye Kistevoye
32 Черниговский Chernigovskiy
33 Червонный гигант Chervonnyy Gigant
34 Чудо Голандии Chudo Gollandii
35 Corazon de Bue Corazon de Bue
36 Да барао царский красный Украинский Da barao Tsarskiy Krasnyy Ukrainskiy
37 Диво Divo
38 Домати Domati
39 Диво Dyvo
40 Факел Fakel
41 Федерико Federiko
42 Гавайский Gavayskiy
43 Генерал Корнилов General Kornilov
44 Гигант Зента Семи Gigant Zenta Semi
45 Голубой лес Goluboy Les
46 Гом Бал Gom Bal
47 Госпожа удача Gospozha Udacha
48 Гранённые Granonnyye
49 Грузинские Gruzinskiye
50 Иоси- Сан Iosi- San
51 Итальянская груша Ital’yanskaya Grusha
52 Кадышевские Kadyshevskiye
53 Камелия Kameliya
54 Канары Kanary
55 Кавказская лиана Kavkazskaya Liana
56 Кавказский великан Kavkazskiy Velikan
57 Казахская слива Kazakhskaya Sliva
58 Китайский обсыпной малыш Kitayskiy Obsypnoy Malysh
59 Командор фортуна Komandor Fortuna
60 Коммерческий розовый Kommercheskiy Rozovyy
61 Кореновские Korenovskiye
62 Кот Тимофей Kot Timofey
63 Красочная слива Krasochnaya Sliva
64 Кубанская слива Kubanskaya Sliva
65 Куум Kuum
66 Ладошка Ladoshka
67 Лапоть из Садовки Lapot’ iz Sadovki
68 Ленинградский сердцевидный Leningradskiy Serdtsevidnyy
69 Лидия Lidiya
70 Любимые Курские Lyubimyye Kurskiye
71 Людмилка Lyudmilka
72 Македонское розовое чудо Makedonskoye Rozovoye Chudo
73 Малина Трестон Malina Treston
74 Малиновый рассвет Malinovyy Rassvet
75 Маршал Победа Marshal Pobeda
76 Матадор Matador
77 Медвежье сердце Medvezh’ye Serdtse
78 Минусинский низкорослый Minusinskiy Nizkoroslyy
79 Минусинский перцевидный Minusinskiy Pertsevidnyy
80 Минусинский плоский Minusinskiy Ploskiy
81 Минусинский Старинный Minusinskiy Starinnyy
82 Минусинский урожайный Minusinskiy Urozhaynyy
83 Минусинский яблочный розовый Minusinskiy Yablochnyy Rozovyy
84 Модель Model’
85 Молдавские розовые Moldavskiye Rozovyye
86 Гигант Напы NAPA Giant
87 Несравненный Nesravnennyy
88 Низкорослый сверхранний Nizkoroslyy Sverkhranniy
89 Ночная свеча Nochnaya Svecha
90 Old Heart Italian Old Heart Italian
91 Омский великан Omskiy Velikan
92 Парикмахер Parikmakher
93 Победа Pobeda
94 Победа космонавтики Pobeda Kosmonavtiki
95 Польское сердце гигант Pol’skoye Serdtse Gigant
96 Президент ЮАР Prezident YUAR
97 Радищевские Radishchevskiye
98 Ред Гроппи Red Groppi
99 Русский размер малиновый Russkiy Razmer Malinovyy
100 Русский размер розовый Russkiy Razmer Rozovyy
101 Сердце Италии Serdtse Italii
102 Серебрянный ключ Serebryanyy Klyuch
103 Скуби Skubi
104 Слава Молдовы Slava Moldovy
105 Солдатово Soldatovo
106 Солнце моё Solntse Moyo
107 Соседи отдыхают Sosedi Otdykhayut
108 Советские Sovetskiye
109 Спасские из Рязани Spasskiye Iz Ryazani
110 Спящий гигант Spyashchiy Gigant
111 Сталь Stal’
112 Старообрядческий Staroobryadcheskiy
113 Суб Артик 2 Sub Arctic 2
114 Суздальские Suzdal’skiye
115 Сызранка Syzranka
116 Таджикские Tadzhikskiye
117 Тамара Tamara
118 Царь Tsar’
119 Ух, Висит! Ukh, Visit!
120 Украинский гигант Ukrainskiy Gigant
121 Ванька Van’ka
122 Веркины Verkiny
123 Викуля Vikulya
124 Винная бухта Vinnaya Bukhta
125 Винный Болгарский великан Vinnyy Bolgarskiy Velikan
126 Вишнёвый Vishnovyy
127 Воловье сердце победитель Volov’ye Serdtse Pobeditel’
128 Я- Гигант Ya- Gigant
129 Яблочный Липецкий Yablochnyy Lipetskiy
130 Япония Yaponiya
131 Египетская ладья Yegipetskaya Lad’ya
132 Евгения Yevgeniya
133 Юсуповский с Ферганы Yusupovskiy s Fergany
134 Загадка долины роз Zagadka Doliny Roz
135 Загадка долины роз серцевидная Zagadka Doliny Roz Sertsevidnaya
136 Zaļais Pipertomats Zalais Pipertomats
137 Замок Шартр Zamok Shartr
138 Зарево Zarevo
139 Женская грудь Zhenskaya Grud’
140 Золотой мёд Zolotoy Myod

In the middle of moving again, business and all; to where is not certain; where to grow all of these wonderful varieties is not certain either.


Pictures of Tomatoes, etc.

On November 20th I mentioned having 13,366 pictures still to name.  In the past four weeks I’ve made a concerted effort to name pictures, despite so much else going on.  This morning I counted 9,990 still to name.  That’s 25% named in one month.  That’s progress, but I could do much better – more discipline, more intensely focused, few distractions, less sleep…

I have also been adding or updating varieties to my website, such as Tsindao:

It took me well over an hour to name and edit pictures, research history, compose description, and upload everything to this page on the online store.

Let’s say it takes one hour per variety and I have 2,500 varieties to list.  That’s 2,500 hours, or about 312 days of work at 8 hours per day.

That’s 6 days of work for an entire year.

That’s assuming I have nothing else to occupy my time devoted to the business – tasks such as preparing seed orders, responding to emails, planning for next year, processing seeds from hot peppers (many hours still to go…), organizing seeds, writing descriptions, uploading to website, database work – not to mention the hundreds of hours that go into raising and harvesting everything for seeds.  Or that maybe I need to do other things with my time, talents and energies…

Just saying – I’m getting lots of unsolicited advice, as well as some criticism about how I should improve my website; maybe hire someone?  But with whose $??  For those who can look past the shortcomings, I do appreciate your patience and understanding!  And please do point your gardening friends to:

Here are a few pictures to whet your appetite in Winter:

Spanish Spice


Sweet Crunch Orange


Monkey Face


Brazilian Rainbow


Ga Sangwa Kinnit


Peaches and Cream

peaches-and-cream-1-014-dt-2016-k-rev peaches-and-cream-1-332-dt-2016-g-rev


lucinda-0-254-dt-2016-j lucinda-0-254-dt-2016-b





Amazon Chocolate


Ispanskiy Gigant


New Jersey Champion


Maddeline’s Vine Candy


Masca Sarga




Chocolate Stripes


Malakhitovaya Shkatulka


Old Time Tennessee


Dakota Black


Barely the tip of the iceberg.  With over 3,000 total varieties in inventory, few of even the major seed companies carry such a rich diversity of garden seeds.  Yet in one hour they bring in more $ than does Delectation of Tomatoes in an entire year.  Aggressive marketing, or reputation/word of mouth – which is more effective?


Last Batch of 2016 Tomato Seeds Processed

Today I packaged the last of the seeds harvested from tomatoes in 2016 — nine batches from fruits picked on or about October 11, 2016.  Here’s a picture from one of those batches, Letneye Solntse (0.332 DT 2016).


Some “authorities” claim that seeds are no good if saved from green tomatoes that are allowed to ripen off the vine.  I have proven this wrong several times, with germination rates around 80%.  No, I’m not talking about tiny little immature green tomatoes.  If the fruits are full-sized or close to it, they will likely ripen fully over several weeks and the seeds will mature during this process.  A picked tomato is a living, metabolizing organism.  Although it no longer receives nutrients from the vine (including water, thus wrinkling is expected), a tomato still strives to fulfill it’s evolutionary purpose: perpetuate its DNA into the next generation.  Unfortunately, this phenomenon of seed off-the-vine seed maturation seems to be much less the case for peppers, melons and especially squash.

Where I reside, it’s been too chilly for much fermentation to take place, so I used a heating mat of the sort used for seedling propagation.


tomato-seed-processing-final-batch-of-2016-c-rev tomato-seed-processing-final-batch-of-2016-d

Now for some analytics from 2016, hopefully not too boring —

• Attempted to produce seeds of 476 varieties, including 20 or so tracked lineages of Big Zac, etc.

• Among these, I got ZERO seeds of 89 varieties

• Among the 387 varieties from which seeds were saved, 172 are new to Delectation of Tomatoes; that is, this is the first year I will be able to offer seeds.

• This will bring the total to about 1,630 varieties of tomato seeds for sale

• Total number of tomato seeds saved: 252,055 (an estimate of course, based on adding up the total number of seeds from each of 650 batches of tomatoes from which seeds were saved)

• Estimated number of hours it took me to produce this many seeds: 2,252 (this does not count the hundreds of hours spent on the computer: processing pictures, researching varieties, writing descriptions, filling seed orders, working on website, etc.)

• Potential income per seed: 10 cents

• Likely proportion of seeds that will be sold:17% (based on five years of data)

• Expected gross income for the year (seed sales were 90% of income this year): well, I’ll leave that math problem for you.  Keep in mind, the minimum wage in Utah is $7.25 per hour.  And I don’t get paid overtime.  And I get zero benefits (of the monetary kind, that is).  And yes, business expenses (there are plenty) have to come out of this.

• Perspective – trend is positive!  In the past three years, business profit has risen steadily from being on par with an average citizen of Burundi to that of Tanzania.  Fortunately, my food budget is quite low, since I grow most of what I eat!

And some have wondered why I don’t just buy my own land for this business, or hire someone to manage the website, or hire someone to weed and harvest, or…

Perhaps I really am insane…

And maybe I’ve said too much here – it would not be the first time…

So please do encourage your gardening friends to visit

At least maybe we can boost that 17% number by a few points?








Pepper, Melon, Corn and Bean Seeds Harvested in 2016

This was an especially good year for peppers (those that survived the seedling stage anyhow) and corn in the garden in Kanab, Utah.  Deer wrecked havoc on the melons, though with covering fruits with perforated bags, we were able to harvest seeds from 42 varieties.  Earwigs and other pests devastated most of the bean seedlings, so we only managed to save enough seeds from 11 of the 55 varieties we planted.  The list of tomato varieties for 2016 was published in a previous blog post on October 31st.

At last count (today, 11-20-2016), I have 13,366 pictures (of about 50,000 total) still to name and process, along with more than 2,000 descriptions to write, including researching histories.  Some day I will catch up, maybe…

All seeds can be ordered from:  DT Store – Everything Else

So here are the non-tomato varieties from 2016:

PEPPERS, 85 varieties (of 150 planted)

7 Pot Barrackophore
Aji Dulce
Alma Paprika
Amish Bush
Ancho (from Mexico)
Biquinho Iracema
Black Hungarian
Black Night
Bolivian Rainbow
Carolina Reaper
Chapeau de Frade
Cherry Bomb
Chilhuacle Amarillo
Chocolate Beauty
Corno di Toro Giallo
Donne Salis
Etkezesi Paprika
Fatalii, Red
Friariello de Napoli
Full Moon Orange Thai
Ga Sangwa Kinnit (also listed as Kaa Sangwa Kinnit)
Garden Salsa F3
Giant Marconi
Goat Weed
Golden Treasure
Habanero, Long Peach
Habanero, Peruvian White
Habanero, White Bullet
Hawaiian Kona
Holy Mole
Jalapeño, Yellow
Jamaican Yellow Scotch Bonnet
Joe’s Big Blocky
Kpakpo Shito
Macska Sarga
Mako Akokɔsrade
Mammoth Giant Jalapeño
Maya F2
Mayan Cobanero Love
NuMex Eclipse
NuMex R Naky
Orange Sun
Peperone de Sinese
Pero Yellow
Picante Calabrese
Portugal Hot
Prik Kee Noo Suan
Red Congo
Red Thai Hot
Ros de Mallorca
“Roumanian Rainbow
X Jalora Jalapeño”
Siberian First
Siling Haba (may be Siling Labuyo?)
Spanish Spice OP
Super Shephard
Sweet Banana
Taknotsume (aka Hawk’s Claw)
Tequila Sunrise
Thai Dragon
Thai Large
Thai Orange
Thai Super Hot
Tollie’s Sweet
Trinidad Scorpion
UFO Purple
Unknown Pimento Conical
Volcano F3
Yasil Tatli
Yellow Monster
Yolo Wonder

Plus one intriguing new. unique variety that just did not get time to mature in the field: seeds not planted until June 30, 2016 and killing frost came on September 4th, just as blossoms were about to open –



enjoya-pepper-0-306-store-6-17-2016e-rev enjoya-pepper-0-306-store-6-17-2016n

A beautiful, orange and red striped or streaked, thick-walled bell pepper with tasty, crisp, sweet flavor.  My understanding is that this came from Holland and is the first striped bell pepper developed.  I will be glad to send you 5 or 6 seeds from this specimen at no charge with any seed order ( ) while supplies last – just let me know by email after you place an order.  I got 100% germination from these seeds, but I can make no guarantee that they will produce true to type (this may be a hybrid).  I do not sell seeds raised by other, but occasionally I share them at no charge.  I have three plants growing indoors which I have been hand-pollinating.  There are small pods, but plants are struggling and I just don’t know if I will be able to get viable seeds or not — by February perhaps?

There is a beautiful striped hot pepper that has been in my inventory for several years,

FISH pepper –

fish-9-29-2011-a-rev fish-9-13-2011-a-rev

CORN – 15 varieties

Bloody Butcher
Blue Jade
Breeder’s Choice OP (wonderful yellow sweet corn)
Candy Mountain
Dakota Black Popcorn
Earth Tones Dent
Glass Gem
Hickory Cane
Incredible F2 and F3
Painted Mountain (including some interesting variants – ask!)
Painted Mountain Purple
Strawberry Popcorn
Tall White
Tall Yellow

Picture of Painted Mountain Purple – an exceptionally early variety and delicious as sweet corn at the milk stage:

corn-painted-mountain-10-10-2015-d-rev-2 corn-painted-mountain-purple-11-17-2016-c-rev

Earth Tones Dent – very healthy and productive stalk –


See previous post for pictures of Glass Gem and several other varieties of corn.

BEANS – 11 varieties (of 55 planted)

Anasazi Blend
Asian Yard Long
Big John
Bird Egg #3
Black and White Goose
Bush Blue Lake 274
Christmas Lima
Dragon Tongue
Mountain Climber
Red Rum

CUCURBITS – 49 varieties

Cucumber, Korall
Cucumber, Marketmore 76
Cucumber, Muncher
Cucumber, Poona Kheera
Cucumber, Telegraph Improved
Melon, Afghan Honeydew
Melon, Apple
Melon, Bananadew
Melon, Bateekh Samara
Melon, Black Cross Unribbed
Melon, Canary, Tweety (F2)
Melon, Crenshaw
Melon, Delice de La Table
Melon, Far North
Melon, Galia
Melon, Golden Dewlicious
Melon, Ineya
Melon, Madu Ras
Melon, Melon de Castilla
Melon, Melōrànge
Melon, Meshedi Persian
Melon, Model
Melon, Muhurlu
Melon, New
Melon, Obus
Melon, Old-Time Tennessee
Melon, O’Odham Ke’li Ba’so
Melon, Orange Dewlicious
Melon, Papayadew (F3)
Melon, Persian
Melon, Rich Sweetness 132
Melon, Santa Clause
Melon, Snow Leopard
Melon, Sugar Kiss
Melon, Swan Lake
Melon, Talibi Persian
Melon, Temptation
Melon, Tendril Verde Tanlif
Squash, Butterbush
Squash, Lunga di Napoli
Watermelon, Carolina Cross
Watermelon, Cream of Saskatchewan
Watermelon, Jeremiah the Bullfrog (apparently very rare, not many seeds available, very delicious pink flesh)

Watermelon, Moon and Stars
Watermelon, Royal Golden
Watermelon, Sweet Siberian
Watermelon, Ultra Skorospelyi
Watermelon, Zolotistyi
Wintermelon, Valincia

BASIL – Managed to save seeds of only 1 of 13 varieties

Lemon Basil

Lots of very delicious and interesting varieties among these – sure wish I had pictures and descriptions ready!!  But please ask if you have any specific questions: