Sharing Seeds

Many thanks to the scores of gardeners from around the world who have purchased seeds from Delectation of Tomatoes! This helps tremendously with my efforts to preserve, propagate, and promote the growing of heirloom varieties from around the world!

The past few weeks have been busy with packaging and mailing out seeds, as well as attending local seed exchanges such as:

We’ve had several nights of very cold temperatures, with daytime temperatures barely making it into the 20’s. Recorded -12°F during my latest trip to the Ogden Seed Exchange.

A recent trip to Arizona (to visit younger brother with advanced ALS…) encouraged some very brief, spontaneous sight-seeing.

Significant snowstorm during the trip back – Flagstaff in a blizzard makes for challenging driving… Fresh snow upon returning:

Fresh snow, 2-23-2022

Trying to reduce waste to 1 bag of garbage per month; plenty of leftover bags from last spring for this use:

Pressing tasks from my last blog post completed in recent days – with some great help from cousin DT:

Rotting melons, cucumbers and squash from the 2021 season processed for seed saving.

All tomato seeds from the 2021 season alphabetized and integrated with batches of seeds from the previous 11 season. Estimate is 20,000 batches of tomato seeds in inventory now, though some of them have been depleted to nearly zero.

Caught up on seed requests for the moment, for the first time in over 2 months.

I was very pleased to receive this placard from a colleague and friend, and it now adorns my front door:


February has been an intensely busy month, but there’s not a lot to show for it here. Nearly all the effort has gone towards helping other growers from around the world obtain some wonderful tomato seeds (etc.) for their gardens/farms this year, and that is very satisfying. Like I say at workshops, etc.:

If you’re human, you have to eat to survive.
If you’re going to eat, it’s better if you eat healthy food.
It’s hard to find healthier food than what you grow yourself.
While you’re at it, why not enjoy the fruits of your labors by trying wonderful new varieties from around the world?


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