Summary of Tomato Seed Harvest from 2019

At long last, lists of tomato seeds harvested in 2019 are ready!

Milestones for the 2019 growing season, everything but tomatoes excluded:

March 12th – First planting of tomato seeds in plug trays (other types started in late February)

May 25th – Last planting of tomato seeds indoors in plug trays

May 15th – First tomato seedlings transplanted into garden (these had to be covered many times because it was an exceptionally cold, wet Spring)

June 8th – Last tomato seedlings transplanted into gardens, except that…

June 9th – Very late killer frost wiped out approximately 800 tender young tomato seedlings

June 15h – Replacement seedlings transplanted for those frozen; and it seems that nearly all tomato vines that did survive frost were stunted and set back by 3-6 weeks in terms of producing ripe fruits.

September 21st – first light frost, with several more light to moderate frosts until…

October 11th – Season ending hard freeze, intense and frantic effort to get everything harvested ahead of this and placed in boxes in the garage.  This year turned out to have a growing season of 104 days counting light frost, about 120 functional.  Way too short for tomatoes at this elevation, when nights are too cool to help much with ripening except that 90-day window from about mid-June to mid-September.

The typical growing season is 183 days for American Fork, so a full two months were lost due to weather.  No wonder 2019 was such a struggle – that and trying to do the work of 10 people…

December 8th – Last of seeds extracted from the main batches of tomatoes

December 27th – Last of leftover/slow to ripen batches processed and seeds extracted.  Not all of them looked as good as this one:

Final batches processing and drying:


The week of December 22-27 was very intense with packaging, inventorying and alphabetizing seeds –

December 28th, excess microdwarf tomato seedlings put outside in the frigid weather.  Despite several attempts with local online ads, it seems that nobody was interested in these, and I had to vacate the premises.

December 30th – finally finished inventory and data entry.  Following is the summary

No. varieties planted from seed (includes 17 microdwarf varieties planted in December 2018) 825
Seedlings transplanted into gardens 2,083
Est. no. seedlings killed by very late frost on June 9th; replaced with other seedlings by June 15th 800
Est. no. plants died from Curly Top Virus, goats and other pests or diseases besides frost 190
No. unique varieties transplanted into gardens 795
No. varieties for which all seedlings died or plants produced zero seeds 310
No. varieties for which too few seeds (<50) were produced to allow for listing or no permission to list 26
No. varieties harvested in 2018, stored for 365+ days before seed extraction 2
No. varieties which were offtype, but seeds saved anyhow 16
No. varieties that are now new on offer from Delectation of Tomatoes 240
No. of varieties from which seeds were saved to replenish those already in inventory 200
Misc. varieties, seeds saved, not listing 9
Total number of varieties from which adequate seeds were harvested in 2019 for listing, presumed true to type 449


So it is this list of 244 “New to Delectation of Tomatoes” that will be of most interest to other tomato growers, and that list will follow here below.

Some of these varieties will likely be introductions to the tomato world.  I am several weeks, or rather months away from preparing descriptions and photos (more than 25,000 photos still to name, for starters…).  But please drop me an email if you have any specific questions, to

Here is a link to the full list of tomatoes that I grew, or rather attempted to grow in 2019:

    Tomato varieties grown by Delectation of Tomatoes in 2019

The goal was to save seeds from 450 new varieties in 2019; I invested more than $800 to this end.  The season felt like a disaster, almost an utter failure.  But I suppose that 54% (244 of 450) is an “F” grade, but not an utter failure.  Failure is not even trying.

In 2019 I hit and tried hard to exceed my limits of time, resources, motivation, strength, endurance and patience.  I planted about four times as many plants as I can comfortably manage, if I have nothing else going on with my life.  Farmers markets and related activities took up about 40 hrs per week, so any attempt at saving seeds, weeding, tending plants, seed orders, business meetings, etc. was all on top of that.

Back in 2014 I vowed I would never attempt to do farmers markets and/or CSA’s again, at least not if I were to try to save seeds also.  But my biggest curse caught up to me again:  excessive ambition.

Anyhow, without regard to hybrid status, etc., here is the list of 244 varieties new to Delectation of Tomatoes:

Artisan Blush Tiger
Artisan Green Tiger
Atomic Fusion
Aunt Ginny’s Purple
Babushkin Potseluy
Barry’s Crazy Cherry
Bart’s Best
Be My Baby
Beauty Lottringa
Belyy Gigant
Berkeley Tie-dye Green
Big Braggart
Big Cheef Pink
Big White Pink Stripe
Bisignano #2
Black Aisberg
Black Amber
Black Keyes
Blue Cream Berries
Boar’s Tooth
Bolgiano’s Extremely Early ‘I.X.L.’
Bonté Tigret
Brad’s Atomic Grape
Bronze Orb
Brown Berry
Bubblegum Dwarf
Budaï Torpe
Bychki Serdtsevidnyie
Canadian Heart
Carnoso Extremenyo
Cherokee Carbon
Cherokee Lemon
Cherokee Tiger Orange
Chibikko Micro Dwarf
Chocolate Cherry
Chudo Iz Kazakhstana
Chudo Selektsyi
Chudo Zemli Oranzhevoye
Cindy’s West Virginia
Clare Valley Pink
Clare Valley Red
Coorong Pink
County Agent
Dark Galaxy
Dedushka Grisha
Delta Diver
Domingo X Libanaise des Montagnes
Dot’s Delight
Dragon’s Eye
Drug (Dzhan)
Dwarf Awesome
Dwarf Bendigo Blush
Dwarf Bendigo Drop
Dwarf Bendigo Moon
Dwarf Bendigo Rose
Dwarf Egypt Yellow
Dwarf Fatima
Dwarf Galen’s Yellow
Dwarf Grandma’s Chocolate
Dwarf Grandpa Gary’s Green
Dwarf Jasmine Yellow
Dwarf Maliniak
Dwarf Mary’s
Dwarf Maura’s Cardinal
Dwarf Mystic Lady
Dwarf Ondroszek
Dwarf Peppermint Stripes
Dwarf Sibirski Stambruyji
Dwarf Solokah
Dwarf Sunny’s Pear
Dwarf Suz’s Beauty
Dwarf Zyska
Earl’s Best Canner
Earl’s Red Beefsteak
Early Pick
Enormous Plum
Extreme North
Famous Dutch Girl
Flint Red
French Farmers Market
Fruit Punch
Garnet X Black Krim
Gem State
Giant Yellow Florentine Beauty
Giant Yugoslavian
Gold Nugget
Golden Jubilee
Good to Gold
Grace Lahman’s Pink
Great White Blue
Hazelfield Farm
Herb Taylor Golden
Honey Drop Cherry
Honey Nails
Irish Pink
Isalnita cu Cutie
Italian Ice
Janet’s Jacinthe Jewel
Jenkins Creek
John Baer
John’s Huge Greek Red
Kaleidoscopic Jewel
Kangaroo Paw Red
Kazanskiye Malinovyie
King Aramis
Kozula #25
Krasnyi Petukh
Krasnyi Priz
Krymskaya Pipochka
La Vie en Rose
Landshuter Riese
Lariskino Serdtse
Ledi Di
Legenda Multiflora
Libanaise des Montagnes X Domingo
Lille Lise
Lillian’s Kansas Red Paste
Lil’s Favorite
Linhart’s Giant
Livingston’s Beauty
Livingston’s Yellow Oxheart
Long Tall Sally
Malinovyi Globus
Marianna’s Conflict
Maule’s Success
Minusinskiy Gigant Kyashkinoy
Minusinskiy Gigant Rozovyi
Minusinskiy Kistevoy
Minusinskiy Malinovyi Gigant
Minusinskiy ot Baluyeva Yuriya
Minusinskiy ot Medvedkovoy N.A.
Minusinskiy Srednivye ot Starozhilov s Nosikom
Minusinskiy Urozhaynyi Krupnyi
Moonshiner’s Ball
Mountain Princess
Obedennaya Tarelka
Olimp Malinovyi
Orange Grape
Orange Lithuanian
Ot Sosedki Iriny
Ot Zuraba Kukhinidze
Pink Petticoat
Pink Pioneer
Pink Siberian Tiger
Plate de Chateaurenard
Plum Regal
Polesskiy Gigant Tarasenko
President Garfield
Pritchard (Scarlet Topper)
Rainbow Dwarf
Red Giant Banat
Red Target
Redhouse Freestanding
Rosy Finch
Ruby Treasure
Russian House
San Marzano Gigante 3
Santiam Sunrise
Sgt. Pepper’s X Domingo
Skrytyie Sokrovishcha Vechnoy Zemli
Soul Patch
Spud Viper
Stormin Norman
Super Bush
Super Tasty
Surender’s Indian Curry
Sweet Alice
Sweet Beverley
Sweet Pea Currant
Syzranskaya Skorospelka
Tennessee Persimmon
The Thong
Timmy’s Wild Rajah
Unknown #54 Boar’s Tooth small
Uzhin na Plite
Valley Girl
Vernisazh Chernyi
Vinnaya Bukhta
Vinson Watts
Wagner Blue Green
Wild Spudleaf Dwarf
Yellow Out Red In
Yoshkin Kot
Yubileynyi Tarasenko Krupnoplodnyi
Zavtrak Emira
Zhar Goryashchiye Ugli