Season Summary; Tomato Seeds Available from 2018

Much anticipated updated lists of available seeds are ready – for tomatoes only at this point (November 01, 2018).

A quick summary:

674 – Number of tomato varieties planted in 2018, 41 of these grown only as seedlings for other gardeners

269 – Number of new tomato varieties attempted to grow for seeds

334 – Varieties grown to replenish seed inventory

67 – Dwarf varieties grown and seeds saved (seeds of over 130 dwarf varieties now available)

11 – Mini-dwarf varieties grown and seeds saved

561 – Total varieties with fresh seeds from 2018

73 – Crop failure due to no germination, goat damage, Curly Top Virus, etc.

674,112 – Number of seeds saved in 2018 (an estimate, of course)

1,589 – Number of batches of seeds processed

2.046 lb. – Only 1 tomato over 2 lbs. in 2018, variety Hercegovac

2,069 – Total number of tomato varieties for which seeds are now available (plus 74 with limited or very limited quantities)

The full list is located here:

Still to come:

List of large-fruited varieties with weights

List of most flavorful varieties – many outstanding ones this year!

List of most productive varieties – several very impressive ones

Pictures – over 16,000 still to name and edit

Descriptions – takes up to an hour per variety

Website work – NOT a little:

Back at it!

A sure sign of changing season –

Dwarf and mini-dwarf tomato vines after another cold night and subsequent major leaf fall.