Main Production, 2015

This year’s main production will be at my cousin’s property and his neighbor’s, located about 40 miles south in the city of Pleasant Grove.  Total land area in cultivation will be close to one acre.

Still have 1200+ seedlings to go in the ground and another 600 or so hills of melons, squash and cucumbers to plant from seed.  Many more days of toiling in the hot sun still too go – 100°+ weather coming this weekend.  Window of opportunity closing rapidly.  Too exhausted at the moment to post pictures and such.

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Update 6-21-2015

With some great help from family members and relatives, all seedlings are in the ground, but 130+ hills of melons still to plant from seed.  Breakdown of what is planted at all three locations is, ballpark numbers:

Tomatoes: 2,000 of 700 varieties

Peppers: 600 of 150 varieties

Eggplant:  80 of 15 varieties

Cucurbits: 400 of 80 varieties

Lettuce, spinach, corn, beans, herbs etc.: 500+ of 60 varieties

At the base of majestic Mt. Timpanogos:

Pleasant Grove Plot, Mt. Timpanogos A Pleasant Grove Plot 6-16-2015 A