Megablooms 2016

Чудо Сада?
Chudo Sada (Garden Miracle) as the variety with the best early megablooms? I might have passed it off as an anomaly, but BOTH Chudo Sada vines have very impressive megablooms, 4X and 5X or more:

Chudo Sada megablooms 6-18-2016 Q Chudo Sada megablooms 6-18-2016 S rev Chudo Sada megablooms 6-18-2016 ZB

At this point, all tomato vines at the Kanab plot are under row cover fabric and are not easily visible:

Tomato low tunnel Kanab 6-16-2016 C rev

But I did check the Big Zac and Delicious plants – a small double blossom here and there, but nothing to compare with Chudo Sada, which isn’t even part of the giant tomato project.  A bit of a head-scratcher at this point, as this variety is listed as growing to 600 g.  We’ll see if huge megablooms translates to huge fruits!

These row covers have just about eliminated attack from Beet Leafhoppers (vectors of Curly Top virus) so far, but at least 50 plants are already busting out and really need to be tied up.

Legumes:  about 40% germination, then about half of those already destroyed by earwigs, etc.

Corn:  excellent germination and doing very well:

Corn Seedlings Kanab 6-16-2016 rev

Cucurbits:  only 7% germination rate – worst I’ve ever seen for such large seeds.  Way too much water.  Hopefully the problem is resolved, but are the seeds still viable?

Peppers: about 70% survival; new growth is just barely beginning.

Several 103’s and 104°F in the forecast – not good news for tomato blossoms…

= = = =

Update, 8-5-2016

None of the Chudo Sada blossoms took.  Thousands of other blossoms have withered and died in the heat.  Almost every day for the past month has reached between 95 and 103°F, just too hot for setting fruit.  But there are still hundreds of tomatoes on the vine, some getting ripe, including this impressive looking specimen:

Delicious (4.65 Bieser 2015)
July 5th

Delicious (4.65 Bieser 2015) 7-4-2016 E

July 15th

Delicious (4.65 Bieser 2015) B rev

July 30th

Delicious (1.93 DT 2016 no seeds)(4.65 Bieser 2015) B

It’s a tomato that looks like it could have gone 4 lbs. or more if mollycoddled!  Unfortunately, it ripened prematurely, then rotted on the vine and what was left of it had ZERO seeds.  There are other impressive blossoms or buds on this and several other vines – just need some more moderate temperatures for a few weeks.



Seeds and seedlings finally in for 2016

It took the better part of a month, but all seeds and seedlings are in the ground for the 2016 growing season at four locations.  I will be focusing almost exclusively on seed production this year.  Here are the varieties, grouped by type, from which I hope to save seeds.

Corn, Earth Tones 10-23-2015 C rev

CORN, Earth Tones Dent


     CORN – 14 varieties
Bloody Butcher
Blue Jade
Breeder’s Choice, OP
Candy Mountain
Dakota Black Popcorn
Earth Tones Dent
Glass Gem
Hickory Cane
Incredible F2 (dehybridizing)
Painted Mountain “Stiped” (an offtype – working on…)
Painted Mountain “Yellow” (an offtype – working on…)
Painted Mountain Purple
Strawberry Popcorn
“Tall White” (competition)
“Tall Yellow” (competition)
(Yes, I will be bagging tassels and silks)

     LEGUMES – 55 varieties

Anansazi Blend, Runner Beans; know a bean expert? Have them contact me at

Anansazi Blend, Runner Beans; know a bean expert? Have them contact me at

“Anasazi Blend”
(More another time…)
Asian Yard Long
Baby Black Lentil
Big John
Bird Egg #3
Black and White Goose
Blue Lake
Bush Blue Lake 274
Christmas Lima
Contender, Early Bush
Dragon Tongue
Fava (two unnamed sources)
Fava, Windsor
Gold of Bacau
Gold Rush
Haricot Vert Maxibell
Hopi Gray Lima
“Italian Broad White” (Original name unknwon)
Jacob’s Cattle
Mountain Climber
North Carolina Greasy
Ozark Brown
Painted Lady
Pea, Amish Snap
Pea, Red River
Pea, Wando
Red Rum
Royalty Purple Pod
Tepary, Black
Tepary, Blue Speckled
Tohono O’Odham White

PEPPERS – 121 varieties

7 Pot Barrackophore
Aji Dulce
Alma Paprika
Amish Bush
Ancho Mexican
Bhut Jolokia, Peach
Biquinho Iracema
Black Congo
Black Hungarian
Black Night
Bolivian Rainbow
Carolina Reaper
Chapeau de Frade
Cherry Bomb
Chilhuacle Amarillo
Chocolate Beauty
Chocolate Bell
Devil’s Tongue
Doe Hill
Donne Salis
Duke Italian
Etkezesi Paprika
Fatalii, Red
Friariello de Napoli
Full Moon Orange Thai
Ga Sangwa Kinnit
Garden Salsa
Giant Marconi
Goat Weed
Golden Treasure
Habanero, Chocolate
Habanero, Large White
Habanero, Long Peach
Habanero, Mustard
Habanero, Peruvian White
Habanero, White Bullet
Hawaiian Kona
Hawk Claw Taknotsume
Holy Mole
Inca Berry
Jamaican Yellow Scotch Bonnet
Joe’s Big Blocky
King of the North
Kpakpo Shito
Krimson Lee Paprika
Le Rouge Royal
Lesya Necsi
Macska Sarga
Mako Akokɔsrade
Mammoth Giant Jalapeño
Mayan Cobanero Love
Monkey Face
Mountanei Paprika
New Mexico Improved
NuMex Eclipse
NuMex R Naky
Orange Sun
Orangevyi Korol
Peperone de Sinese
Pero Yellow
Picante Clabrese
Portugal Hot
Prik Kee Noo Svan
Red Cheese
Red Congo
Red Monster
Red Thai Hot
Roberto’s Cuban Seasoning
Rocoto Red
Ros de Mallorca
Roumanian Rainbow X Jalora Jalapeño
Siberian First
Spanish Spice OP
Stocky Red Roaster
Super Red Pimento
Super Shephard
Sweet Banana
Sweet Crunch Orange
Sweet Marconi
Tequila Sunrise
Thai Dragon
Thai Large
Thai Orange
Thai Super Hot
Tollie’s Sweet
Trinidad Perfume
Trinidad Scorpion
Trinidad Scorpion, Chocolate
Trinidad Scorpion, Orange
UFO Purple
Yasil Tatli
Yellow Jalapeño
Yellow Monster
Yolo Wonder

*These next 6 varieties are renamed or in development*
Big as Texas
Granddaddy Jalapeño
Long Yellow
Megalong Green
Unknown Chiltepec, Peter-like
Unknown Pimento Conical

CUCURBITS – 59 varieties

Watermelon, Cream of Saskachewan

Watermelon, Cream of Saskachewan

Cucumber, Korall
Cucumber, Marketmore 76
Cucumber, Mexican Sour Gherkin
Cucumber, Muncher
Cucumber, Straight Eight
Cucumber, Telegraph Improved
Gourd, Marah, “Manroot”
Gourd, Marrow (competition)
Melon, Afghan Honeydew
Melon, Apple
Melon, “Bananadew” (volunteer hybrid, in development)
Melon, Bateekh Samara
Melon, Canary, Tweety (F2) (dehybridizing)
Melon, Dalaman
Melon, Delice de La Table
Melon, Far North
Melon, Galia
Melon, Ineya
Melon, Kajari
Melon, Madu Ras
Melon, Melon de Castilla
Melon, Melōrànge
Melon, Meshedi Persian
Melon, Model
Melon, Muhurlu
Melon, New
Melon, North Carolina Giant (competition)
Melon, Obus
Melon, Old-Time Tennessee
Melon, O’Odham Ke’li Ba’so
Melon, Orange Dewlicious
Melon, Papayadew (F2) (dehybridizing)
Melon, Persian
Melon, Rich Sweetness 132
Melon, Santa Clause
Melon, Snow Leopard
Melon, Sugar Kiss
Melon, Swan Lake
Melon, Talibi Persian
Melon, Temptation
Melon, Tendril Verde Tanlif
Squash, Unknown (In development; tiny seeds)
Squash, Winter, Butterbush (XL, in development)
Squash, Winter, Butternut
Squash, Winter, Kabocha
Squash, Winter, Sweet Meat
Squash, Winter, Warsaw Buff Pie Pumpkin
Squash, Zucchini, Black Beauty
Watermelon, All Sweet
Watermelon, Art Combe
Watermelon, Carolina Cross (competition)
Watermelon, Cream of Saskatchewan
Watermelon, Jeremiah the Bullfrog (very rare – let’s hope they produce!)
Watermelon, Moon and Stars
Watermelon, Royal Golden
Watermelon, Sweet Siberian
Watermelon, Ultra Skorospelyi
Watermelon, Zolotistyi
Wintermelon, Valincia
MUCH work to do to keep these from cross-pollinating…


TOMATOES – 488 varieties + 92 lineages being tracked of giant and other varieties; 1,100+ vines total, with several more late-comers and replacements still at seedling stage or germinating

Well over 600 seedlings died from harsh Spring conditions.  There was a very late, light frost in Kanab on the mornings of June 19th and 20th; dozens of seedlings were damaged, but none died (I spent several early morning hours spraying the leaves with water and I’m fairly confident that helped).  Two weeks later, there was record heat of 100°F.  Not a friendly Spring!

Rather than list all 488 varieties plus, I’ll just list 64 new (to me) varieties that I received from Natalia of Armavir, Russia.  She sent me seeds of more than 70 varieties in trade and sells from I cannot find a good translation or transliteration for these varieties and I have no background with the Russian language.  Each variety is shown with the Russian spelling (Cyrillic script), followed by transliteration to English (Latin alphabet), followed by my best translation. I want to make sure I’m not giving a new transliterated name to an already named variety.  Any expert tomato growers out there who are also fluent in Russian?  I’ve done the best I can here.

1. Абаканский розовый_____Abakanskiy Rozoviy_____Abakan Pink
2. Айсберг_____Aysberg_____Iceberg
3. Алтайский белый_____Altayskiy Beliy_____Altai White
4. Алтайский мёд_____Altayskiy Mod_____Altai Honey
5. Анжела гигант Украинская_____Anzhela Gigant Ukrainskaya_____Angela Giant Ukrainian
6. Бабушка быка_____Babushka Byka_____Grandma’s Bull
7. Бабушкина радость_____Babushkina Radost’_____Grandma’s Joy
8. Бабушкино бычье сердце_____Babushkino bych’ye Serdtse_____Granny’s Oxheart
9. Бийский розан_____Biyskiy Rozan_____Biysk Rosanne
10. Болгарский жемчуг_____Bolgarskiy Zhemchug_____Bulgarian Pearls
11. Бордовый_____Bordoviy_____Burgundy
12. Бочковой Минусинский_____Bochkovoy Minusinskiy_____Cask from Minusinsk
13. Бухарское бычье сердце_____Bukharskoye Bych’ye Serdtse_____Oxheart from Bukhara
14. Бычий мёд_____Bychiy Mod_____Honey cow
15. Бычки Минусинские_____Bychki Minusinskie_____Bull from Minusinsk
16. Бычье сердце Абаканское_____Bych’ye Serdtse Abakanskoye_____Bull Heart of Abakan
17. Бычье сердце выставочное_____Bych’ye Serdtse Vystavochnoye_____Competition Bull Heart
18. Бычье сердце Казахстанское_____Bych’ye Serdtse Kazakhstanskoye_____Bull Heart of Kazakhstan
19. Бычье сердце Минусинское жёлтое_____Bych’ye Serdtse Minusinskoye Zholtoye_____Bull Heart of Minusinsk, Yellow
20. Бычье сердце Минусинское кистевое_____Bych’ye Serdtse Minusinskoye Kistevoye_____Bull Heart of Minusinsk, Fist
21. Бычье сердце Минусинское круглое_____Bych’ye Serdtse Minusinskoye Krugloye_____Bull Heart of Minusinsk, Round
22. Бычье сердце Минусинское плоское_____Bych’ye Serdtse Minusinskoye Ploskoye_____Bull Heart of Minusinsk, Flat
23. Бычье сердце Минусинское с носиком_____Bych’ye Serdtse Minusinskoye s Nosikom_____Bull Heart of Minusinsk, Spout
24. Бычье сердце огромное_____Bych’ye Serdtse Ogromnoye_____Huge Bull Heart
25. Бычье сердце победитель в Минусинске в 2009 _____Bych’ye Serdtse Pobeditel’_____Bull Heart Winner
26. Бьлгарска хала_____B’lgarska Khala_____Bulgarian Hall
27. Великие озёра_____Velikiye Ozora_____Great Lakes
28. Винная бухта_____Vinnaya Bukhta_____Wine Bay
29. Внучкина радость_____Vnuchkina Radost’_____Grandaughter’s Joy
30. Вольвье сердце Минусинское_____Vol’v’ye Serdtse Minusinskoye_____Oxheart from Minusinsk
31. Гамайский_____Gamayskiy_____Hawaiian
32. Гигант великолепный_____Gigant Velikolepniy_____Magnificent Giant
33. Де барао Кабардинское_____De Barao Kabardinskoye_____De Barao Kabardian
34. Египетская ладья_____Yegipetskaya Lad’ya_____Egyptian Castle
35. Загадка долины роз_____Zagadka Doliny Roz_____Rose Valley Riddle
36. Замок Шартр_____Замок Шартр_____Castle of Chartres
37. Золотой мёд_____Zolotoy Mod_____Golden Honey
38. Киевлянка_____Kiyevlyanka_____From Kiev
39. Киселёвские_____Kiselovskiye_____From Kiselevsk
40. Коловый_____Koloviy_____Dwarf
41. Колхозная королева_____Kolkhoznaya Koroleva_____Collective Farm Queen
42. Командор фортуна_____Komandor Fortuna_____Commander’s Luck
43. Конус_____Konus_____Cone
44. Корниевские 2 _____Korniyevskiye 2_____Korneivsky’s Heirloom #2
45. Король ранних и урожайных_____Korol’ Rannikh I Urozhaynykh_____King Early and Productive
46. Крупная гроздь_____Krupnaya Grozd’_____Large Cluster
47. Летнее солнце_____Letneye Solntse_____Summer Sun
48. Лопатинские_____Lopatinskii_____Lapotinsky (place)
49. Любимые Курские_____Lyubimiye Kurskiye_____Favorite from Kursk
50. Малиновка яблочная_____Malinovka Yablochnaya_____Robin Apple
51. Малиновый Болгарский гигант_____Malinoviy Bolgarskiy Gigant_____Giant Bulgarian Raspberry
52. Малиновый кучерявчик_____Malinoviy Kucheryavchik_____Kucheryavchik’s Raspberry
53. Марьина улица_____Mar’ina Ulitsa_____Marina Street
54. Мелисса кавказская овчарка_____Melissa Kavkazskaya Ovcharka_____Melissa’s Caucasian Shephard
55. Минусинский яблочный розовый_____Minusinskiy Yablochniy Rozoviy_____Pink Apple of Minusinsk
56. Подарок Украине_____Podarok Ukraine_____Gift from Ukraine
57. Польское сердце гигант_____Pol’skoye Serdtse Gigant_____Giant Polish Heart
58. Розовый гигант Украинский_____Rozoviy Gigant Ukrainskiy_____Giant pink Ukrainian
59. Розовый килограммовый_____Rozoviy Kilogrammoviy_____Pink Kilogram
60. Русский размер малиновый_____Russkiy Razmer Malinoviy_____Russian Sized Raspberry
61. Русский размер розовый_____Russkiy Razmer Rozoviy_____Russian Size Pink
62. Соловей разбойник_____Solovey Razboynik_____Nightingale the Robber
63. Шары Минусинские красные_____Shary Minusinskiye Krasnyye_____Red Spheres of Minusinsk
64. Яблочный Липецкий_____Yablochnyy Lipetskiy_____Apple from Lipetsk

Should I be feeling overwhelmed? The fun has just begun…

Update 8-1-2016

OK, here is the updated, compiled list of tomato varieties planted in 2016.  Already, dozens of these have died, so this is NOT a list of varieties for sale.  That will come in November

1884 Purple
Aker’s West Virginia
Alaskan Fancy
Alice’s Egypt
Amana Orange
Amazon Chocolate
Amish Paste
Andy Backflat’s Wonder
Anna Russian
Antohi Romanian
Aunt Ruby’s German Green
Banjan Roomii
Bear Creek
Beefsteak, Yellow
Beijing Yellow
Belarusian Heart
Believe It or Not
“Belmonte (1.556 DT 2011) X
Big Zac (2.962 DT 2012)(F1)(0.874 DT 2014)”
Bezrazmernyi (1.698 DT 2012) X Big Zac (4.57 MacCoy 2013)(F2)(1.720 DT 2015)
Big McHenry
Big Sungold Select
Big Yellow Simpson
Big Zac
BigZarro (3.754 DT 2014)
BL8 (Magnum)
Blaby Special
Black Amber
Black and Brown Boar
Black Cherry
Black Creme
Black Mountain Pink
Blanche Yan
Bob’s Boomtown Titty
Borracho de Aretxabaleta
Brandy Boy
Brandywine from Croatia
Brandywine, Texas
Brandywine, Yellow, Platfoot strain
Brazilian Beauty
Brazilian Giant
Brutus Magnum
Buckeye Yellow
Buffalo Heart Giant
Butler Skinner
Butter and Bull Heart
Caro Rich
Carol Chyko’s Big Paste
Cascade Village Blue
Casey’s Pure Yellow
Cesu Agrais
Cherokee Purple
Cherry Roma
Chocolate Champion
Chocolate Stripes
Chudo Sada
Chyornyi Slon
Claude Brown’s Yellow Giant
Cleota Yellow
Coastal Pride
Colossal Crimson
Copia (2.094 Lai 2016)
Cour de Jade
Cow’s Tit
Curra Plum
Czechoslovakia (1.084 DT 2013)
DaCosta’s Portuguese (1.350 DT 2011)
Daniel Burson
De Barao Zolotoy
De Weese Streaked (1.560 DT 2012)
Delano Green Ripe
DelMar (F2) (DT 2015)
Dikaya Roza (1.112 DT 2012)
Dutka’s Pink
Dwarf Mr. Snow
Dwarf Russian Swirl
Dwarf Sweet Sue
Dwarf Wild Fred
Earl of Edgecombe
Early Girl (F2)
Eastham Pink Heirloom
Eva Purple Ball
First Mate
Fishlake Oxheart
Flathead Monster Orange (0.452 DT 2012)
Flathead Monster Pink (0.505 DT 2012)
Fleur de Reagir
Florida Pink (1.664 DT 10)
Forest Fire
Fred Limbaugh Potato Top (1.638 DT 2011)
Fruity Cherry
Gary’ O Sena
Geant de Hutt
Geante de Hutt
George’s Greek Beefsteak (0.910 DT 2012)
Georgia Green
German Giant
German Pink
German Red Strawberry (1.300 DT 2011)
Gezahnte Buhrer-Keel
Giallo d’Asti
Giant Belgium
Giant Colossal
Giant Green Zebra
Giant Heart Climber
Girl Girl’s Weird Thing
Gold Medal (1.310 DT 2012)
Goose Creek Black
Goose Rock
Gramma Climenhagen
Grandfather Ashlock
Grandma Baker’s
Grandpa’s Cock’s Plume
Grape Sausage
Gregori’s Altai
Grosse de Perthuis
Hawaiian Pineapple (1.350 DT 2012)
Heart of Ashgabat (0.349 DT 2013)
Hippie Heart
Homestead 24-F
Honey Giant
Howard German
Hoy X Delicious (F2)(1.988 DT 2015)
Huge Black
Hungarian Heart (1.544 JC 10)
Indigo Black Shadow
Indigo Blue Beauty
Indigo Painted Blue
Iraqi Heart
Ispanskiy Gigant
Israeli 2 Pounder
Istra (1.380 DT 2014)
Iva’s Red Berry
Jalapeño TAM Mild
Japanese Oxheart
Jaune Saint Vincent
Jerry’s German Giant
Jersey Giant
Jim Dandy
Joe Thieneman’s Australian Heart
Joe’s Portuguese (0.854 DT 2011)
Juliet (F4)
Kanauss Oxheart
Kellogg’s Breakfast (1.350)
Kellogg’s West Virginia
Kennington’s Big Red
Kozula #135
Kozula #18 (F4)
Kozula #37
Kraniy Sever
Kukla’s Portuguese Beefsteak
Lara’s Giant (1.366 DT 2012)
Large Lucky Red
Leadbeatter’s Lunker (1.704 DT 2012)
Lemon Giant
Libanaise des Montagnes
Lime Green Salad
Livingston’s Gold Ball
Maddy Rose
Magnum (1.428 DT 2011)
Magyar Piroska
Malakhitovaya Shkatulka
Malcolm Lincoln
Malinovyi Charodei
Margaret Curtain
Mario’s Oxheart (0.947 DT 2013)
Marizol Bratka
Maryland Large Red
Maylor Roth’s Orange
Mayo’s Delight (1.318 DT 2012)
MegaMarv (2.678 DT 2012)
Mexican Giant
Mexican Yellow
Michaela’s Pink Oxheart
Michael’s Portuguese Monster
“Michael’s Portuguese Monster (2.610 DT 2012)
X MegaMarv (4.23 Wahl 2012)(F2)(2.030 DT 2015)”
“Michael’s Portuguese Monster (2.610 DT 2012)
Delicious (6.51 Meisner 2011)(F2)(3.698 DT 2015)”
Mikada Orange
Momotaro (OP)
Mont Athos
Mortgage Lifter, Estler’s
Mortgage Lifter, Pesta Strain
Mountain Gold
Mr. Tartar’s German (2.610 DT 2012)
Mrs. Benson
Mushroom Basket (0.612 DT 2012)
Negrillo de Almoguera
New Jersey Champion
Nicky Crain
Noire Charbonneuse
Nonna Antonina
Old Fashioned Oxheart
Olena Ukrainian (0.640 DT 2011)
Olga’s Biggest
Orange Bourgoin
Orange Pixie
Orange Russian 117
Orange Torpedo
Orange Tree
OSU Oblonde Avec Teton
Our Own Pink
Oxheart Yellow
Palmira’s Northern Italian
Peaches and Cream
Perth Pride
Pineapple (1.596 DT 10)
Pink Thai Egg
Plate Du Portugal
Pleine de Chair
Polish C
Polish Ellis
Polish Pink
Poma Amoris Minora Lutea
Provenzano (1.225 DT 2013)
Prudens Purple X Indian Stripe (F5)
Purple Elgin GWR
Purple Reign
Rasp Large Red
Raspberry Lyanna
Rebecca Sebastian’s Bull Bag X Big Zac (4.57 MacCoy 2013)(F2)(1.836 DT 2015)
Red Barn
Red Belly
Red Pear Arbruzzese
Rhoades Heirloom (1.186 DT 2012)
Richardson (1.433 DT 10)
Rosa de Barbastro
Rosado y Rojo
Rosalie’s Big Rosy
Rosalie’s Early Orange
Rosella Purple
Rosi Mari
Rozovye Gryozy
Rozovyi Myod
Rufus Carrigan’s Mexican Pink
Russian Oxheart
Sasha’s Altai
Schlicht’s Orange Cherry
Sean’s Yellow Dwarf
Serendipity Striped
Shadow Boxing
Shuntukski Velikan X Big Zac (2.174 DT 2014)
Sibiriskiy Skorospelyi
Sleeping Lady
Slovenian Bull’s Heart
Snag’s Pride
Snow Fairy
Sosulka Krasnaya
South Tyrolean Beefsteak
Stakeless (F4)
Star (1.276 DT 2012)
Steakhouse (F1)
Stoina’s Bulgarian
Striped German
Striped Sweetheart Dark
Stripes of Syrnath
Sub-Arctic Maxi
Sub-Arctic Plenty
Sugar Plum Fairy
Summer Sunrise
Summertime Gold
Summertime Green
Sun Gold (F3)
Sunbursts (F3)
Sunny Honey
Sunrise Bumblebee
Sunset’s Red Horizon
Sunsugar (F3)
Sunsugar (F4)
Super Choice
Super Italian Paste
Super Marzano (F1)
Supersauce (F1)
Supersteak (2.575 Reinhard 14)
Sweet Scarlet Dwarf
Tasmanian Chocolate
Tekin’s Bulgarian Pink
Tennessee Suited
Terhune (1.112 DT 2012)
Teschchin Yazyk
Texas Brandywine
Toedebush Pink
Tom Boy
Tree’s Bottom Yellow
Tumbling Tom
Ukrainian Heart TN MU J
Ukrainian Pear
Ultra Skorospleyi
Unknown, Greek (Bizos 2015)
Vater Rein
Vechnyi Zov (1.320 DT 2012)
Veras Paradeiser
Volovsko Srce Slovenian
Waltingers Fleisch aus Indien
Wes (1.718 DT 2012) X Big Zac (4.57 MacCoy 2013)(F2)(1.242 DT 2015)
West Virginia 63
West Virginia Penitentiary
White Wonder (1.268 DT 2011)
Wild Thyme Purple
Wolford Wonder
World’s Largest (1.128 DT 2013)
Yellow Beefsteak
Yellow Giant
Yellow Star
Yoder’s German Pink
Yoder’s Red Beefsteak
Zaczilla (F1)
ZacZilla (F2) (1.080 DT 2015)
Zagadka Prirody (1.382 DT 2011)
Zheltij Delikates
Zore’s Big Red (1.278 DT 2011)

** The following is a list of duplicates of those in the above list, with additional tracking information **

Amana Orange (1.204 DT 2010)
Aunt Ruby’s German Green (1.228 DT 2012)
Big Zac (1.736 DT 2011)
Big Zac (1.822 DT 2012)
Big Zac (2.240 DT 2012)
Big Zac (2.416 DT 2015)
Big Zac (2.602 DT 2012)
Big Zac (2.986 Montalvo 2015)
Big Zac (3.07 Adams 2015)
Big Zac (4.670 DT 2014)
Big Zac (5.67 Marley 2014)
Big Zac (5.84 Foss 2014)
Big Zac (6.16 Foss 2014)
Big Zac (7.10 Foss 2014)
Big Zac (8.41 MacCoy 2014)
Big Zac (9.5 unoff. MacCoy 2014)
Brandywine from Croatia, RL (0.246 DT 2014)
Butler Skinner (1.292 DT 2012)
Casey’s Pure Yellow (0.878 DT 2011)
Church (3.206 DT 2012)
Delicious (1.224 DT 2012)
Delicious (2.314 DT 2012)
Delicious (2.686 DT 2014)(5th gen. GG)
Delicious (3.205 DT 2014)(6.51 Meisner 2011)
Delicious (4.20 Lyons 2012)(4.25 Lyons 2010)
Delicious (4.65 Bieser 2015)
Delicious (6.51 Meisner 2011)
Domingo (3.010 Schielke 2014)
Domingo (3.69 Johnson 2015)
Domingo (4.647 DT 2014)
Domingo (5.75 Marley 2014)
Domingo (Domingo 2014)
Israeli 2 Pounder (0.488 DT 2013)
Malcolm Lincoln (1.130 DT 2013)
Michael’s Portuguese Monster (1.932 DT 2011)
Potiron (0.480 DT 2012)
Rebecca Sebastian’s Bull Bag X Big Zac (4.57 MacCoy 2013)(F2)(__ Johnson 2015)
Rosalie’s Early Orange (1.104 DT 2011)
Stripes of Syrnath (0.614 DT 2014)

** The following is a list of the varieties received from Natalia of Armavir, Russia.  These names are TENTATIVE until I can convince someone to help me transliterate the properly.

Abakanskiy Rozovyy
Altayskiy Belyy
Altayskiy Mod
Anzhela Gigant Ukrainskaya
Babushka Byka
Babushkina Radost’
Babushkino bych’ye Serdtse
Biyskiy Rozan
Bolgarskiy Zhemchug
Bochkovoy Minusinskiy
Bukharskoye Bych’ye Serdtse
Bychiy Mod
Bychki Minusinskie
Bych’ye Serdtse Abakanskoye
Bych’ye Serdtse Vystavochnoye
Bych’ye Serdtse Kazakhstanskoye
Bych’ye Serdtse Minusinskoye Zholtoye
Bych’ye Serdtse Minusinskoye Kistevoye
Bych’ye Serdtse Minusinskoye Krugloye
Abakanskiy Rozovyy
Altayskiy Belyy
Altayskiy Mod
Anzhela Gigant Ukrainskaya
B’lgarska Khala
Babushka Byka
Babushkina Radost’
Babushkino bych’ye Serdtse
Biyskiy Rozan
Bochkovoy Minusinskiy
Bolgarskiy Zhemchug
Bukharskoye Bych’ye Serdtse
Bychiy Mod
Bychki Minusinskie
Bych’ye Serdtse
Bych’ye Serdtse Abakanskoye
Bych’ye Serdtse Kazakhstanskoye
Bych’ye Serdtse Minusinskoye Kistevoye
Bych’ye Serdtse Minusinskoye Krugloye
Bych’ye Serdtse Minusinskoye Ploskoye
Bych’ye Serdtse Minusinskoye s Nosikom
Bych’ye Serdtse Minusinskoye Zholtoye
Bych’ye Serdtse Ogromnoye
Bych’ye Serdtse Pobeditel’
Bych’ye Serdtse Vystavochnoye
Chudo Sada
De Barao Kabardinskoye
Gigant Velikolepnyy
Kolkhoznaya Koroleva
Komandor Fortuna
Korniyevskiye 2
Korol’ Rannikh I Urozhaynykh
Krupnaya Grozd’
Letneye Solntse
Lyubimyye Kurskiye
Malinovka Yablochnaya
Malinovyy Bolgarskiy Gigant
Malinovyy Kucheryavchik
Mar’ina Ulitsa
Melissa Kavkazskaya Ovcharka
Minusinskiy Yablochnyy Rozovyy
Podarok Ukraine
Pol’skoye Serdtse Gigant
Rozovyy Gigant Ukrainskiy
Rozovyy Kilogrammovyy
Russkiy Razmer Malinovyy
Russkiy Razmer Rozovyy
Shary Minusinskiye Krasnyye
Solovey Razboynik
Sprint Timer
Velikiye Ozora
Vinnaya Bukhta
Vnuchkina Radost’
Vol’v’ye Serdtse Minusinskoye
Yablochnyy Lipetskiy
Yegipetskaya Lad’ya
Zagadka Doliny Roz
Zamok Shartr
Zolotoy Mod


So that comes to 491, including separate lines and hybrids being tracked, but excluding 30 or so varieties not listed for various reasons.