Changing Seasons and Circumstances

Continuous change is standard procedure for outdoor endeavors on a planet that is tilted 23.5° with respect to its source of light and heat.  Big snowstorm this week:

Apparently the harvest season is over, though there was a lot I did not get harvested for seed saving – lettuce, flowers, radishes, most peppers and more.

Over the past month, focus has been on reducing some 70 boxes of containers of tomatoes, melons, corn, beans, etc. –

down to a less overwhelming 20 boxes or so:

Stacks and stacks of plates with drying seeds –

So I am still a couple of weeks away from managing the time to package and inventory all of these.  Only then can I compile and publish lists and get back to listing which seeds are available here:

In addition to seriously less-than-super-human abilities, much time recently has been spent looking at moving with Delectation of Tomatoes.  Many options are under consideration.  Several properties visited.  Dreams considered, expounded, multiplied, blossomed, withered and died; or at least dying due to limiting resources.

So many possibilities, even at high elevation, with the right equipment, greenhouse designs, geothermal heat exchange technologies, and time…

Trying to strike a balance between visions, ambitions, idealism and the harsh realities of a competitive world ruled by dollars rather than ideas.

One of these days I really need to make the time to describe what I envision for growing fresh garden vegetables year-round, and permaculture, sustainable off-grid living, etc.  But for now, it’s back to seed processing.

= = = = =


Late on December 8th, I finally finished separating seeds from tomatoes for all but about 20 small batches (tomatoes brought indoors to finish ripening).

Virtually every square inch of available shelf space is filled with plates of drying seeds – even the boxes of tomato seeds are temporarily inaccessible.

Since moving with Delectation of Tomatoes must be completed within three weeks, getting these seeds packaged and inventoried is now a very high priority project.

Where to move to is still a very big ?