2014 Tomato Seeds Planted

Today I finished planting tomato seeds for the 2014 season.  The list of 238 varieties which are NEW to Delectation of Tomatoes is listed here, at the “2014” tab:

DT Seeds Planted 2014

Altogether I have planted 437 varieties for 2014, so this includes about 200 varieties for which I did not collect enough seeds in previous years to offer plus some crosses and dehybridizing work.  Though 437 is a significant reduction from 880 in 2013, it is already proving to be a significant challenge and time consumer.

First batch of seedlings are hardening off now in the high tunnel and transplanting will begin in about two weeks.  I will also be focusing on melons this year, along with seed replenishment of about 80 pepper varieties.

Unfortunately, to date I have only entered about 10% of seeds from the 2013 season into the database.  Until I can manage to get caught up on that task, I won’t have the data and descriptions needed for building and updating the website.

And I still have several winter squash from which I have not harvested seeds!

Wish I knew how to squeeze 100 hours into every day…