Glass Gem Corn 2014 and Dakota Black, Tall, Breeder’s Choice, Blue Jade, Strawberry Popcorn

This was a very good year for Glass Gem corn!  Planted on 4-30-2014 in the backyard, fully isolated from other varieties.  Survived a couple of light frosts.   First tassels formed on 7-03; full tassels, pollen and silk on 7-19.  On 7-25-2014 and on 12-11-2014, tallest stalk as 10’3″ tall!

Glass Gem Corn Stalks 10'3in 7-25-2014 E

** NOTE:  all pictures here and on other blog posts are Copyright © – Delectation of Tomatoes:  only pictures of produce I have grown are posted here; unfortunately not everyone shows this same respect for the efforts of others.

Amazing, almost unbelievable diversity and combination of colors – click on these miniature pictures to get the full effect:

Corn, Glass Gem (DT 2014) ADS rev Corn, Glass Gem (DT 2014) ADL rev Corn, Glass Gem (DT 2014) ADI revCorn, Glass Gem (DT 2014) ACQ rev  Corn, Glass Gem (DT 2014) ACY rev

Corn, Glass Gem (DT 2014) AAJ rev

Corn, Glass Gem (DT 2014) ACL rev

Corn, Glass Gem (DT 2014) AAP rev2 Corn, Glass Gem (DT 2014) ACG rev

Corn, Glass Gem (DT 2014) AAE rev Corn, Glass Gem (DT 2014) ABV rev Corn, Glass Gem (DT 2014) ABR rev Corn, Glass Gem (DT 2014) ABO rev Corn, Glass Gem (DT 2014) ABJ rev Corn, Glass Gem (DT 2014) ABG rev Corn, Glass Gem (DT 2014) ABC rev Corn, Glass Gem (DT 2014) ABA rev Corn, Glass Gem (DT 2014) AAU rev

I’ve eaten Glass Gem corn at the “milk” stage and it tastes just fine, though a bit tougher than typical sweet corn.  Definitely better as popcorn or flint corn.  Or still on the cob as simply as an incredible holiday decoration!

Speaking of popcorn:

Dakota Black Popcorn also grown in 2014 (though very small harvest) – beautiful in its own right:

Corn, Dakota Black (DT 2014) G rev

Strawberry popcorn:

Corn, Strawberry Popcorn (2013) I rev

Tall Corn, grown for competition, these seeds (from 17′ stalks) were not planted until June 17th, grew to 10’5″, and kernels managed to mature just ahead of hard frost:

Corn, Tall 10-30-2104 D revCorn, Tall, (12' DT 2014) B rev

And still plenty of seeds from 2013 of an excellent variety of yellow sweet corn, Breeder’s Choice (this is an OP version in development, selected for many years in Utah, from a commercial hybrid) – very early, very productive and very tasty corn:

Corn, Breeder's Choice, tall tassel B

And Blue Jade sweet corn still available from 2013 seeds:

Corn, Blue Jade 11-20-2012 A rev

On another topic – already missing sun-ripened tomatoes, here’s the last of ripening tomatoes of the season, including a Homer’s German Oxheart, picked green six weeks ago, which made a perfectly good tomato sandwich!

Final ripe tomatoes 2014 A rev