Finding Good Homes for Seeds

February 2023 — virtually a 1-track mind, every waking moment: finding a good home for some of these wonderful seeds I’ve collected! How sad it would be to collect thousands of seeds from thousands of wonderful varieties of garden veggies, then to have those seeds just sit in envelopes, month after month, year after year, dormant, stagnant, declining, devoid of their opportunity, their “right” to at least attempt to grow and produce!

Thanks to the many gardeners around the world who share my passion for DNA with amazing potential to produce delicious, nutritious, beautiful, fascinating, delectable tomatoes and other garden veggies!

Not even close to running out of seeds of most varieties:

Apologies for being slow with getting some of these out; I’ve finally broken down and hired a couple of neighbors who are out of work to help me package. I was essentially caught up four days ago and hope to be so again very soon.

Trying to find more efficient ways to package seeds and get them to their new homes. Working on 20-30 seed orders at a time, and working alphabetically through boxes of tomatoes seems to be more efficient than constant shuffling. There are, after all, 28 boxes now, just of tomato seeds; and space is limited for stacking.

Like much of the western U.S., February has presented several more snowstorms, high winds (resulting in 33.1° F temperature in the house), deer wandering the streets and front yards, and deer taking special notice of my compost buckets.

Yet another snowstorm!

Biggest seed sharing event of the year: Ogden Seed Exchange was a big success this year. Thanks to all the participants and the three helpers! Just a glimpse into a fun day at the “office”:

Seeds with Stories at the Ogden Seed Exchange

The biggest challenge of the past couple of months is to figure out how to get enough, good quality sleep. Motivation, ambition, and work ethic are not at issue. “Work smarter, not harder” seems to require asking for help, even if it means paying out some money. Essentially, Delectation of Tomatoes is at that pivotal point, that threshold for a tiny, 1-person small business: hire some help or just start saying, “no”. This latter options seems outrageous, considering the 50,000+ hours that I’ve devoted to this endeavor over the years. Hiring is hard, and can only happen with much improved efficiency.

Still have seeds to extract from pods of peppers and eggplants harvested in October, 2022. Yet, it’s already time to start planting for the 2023 season – yikes, why am I playing on this keyboard!