Pepper, Melon, Corn and Bean Seeds Harvested in 2016

This was an especially good year for peppers (those that survived the seedling stage anyhow) and corn in the garden in Kanab, Utah.  Deer wrecked havoc on the melons, though with covering fruits with perforated bags, we were able to harvest seeds from 42 varieties.  Earwigs and other pests devastated most of the bean seedlings, so we only managed to save enough seeds from 11 of the 55 varieties we planted.  The list of tomato varieties for 2016 was published in a previous blog post on October 31st.

At last count (today, 11-20-2016), I have 13,366 pictures (of about 50,000 total) still to name and process, along with more than 2,000 descriptions to write, including researching histories.  Some day I will catch up, maybe…

All seeds can be ordered from:  DT Store – Everything Else

So here are the non-tomato varieties from 2016:

PEPPERS, 85 varieties (of 150 planted)

7 Pot Barrackophore
Aji Dulce
Alma Paprika
Amish Bush
Ancho (from Mexico)
Biquinho Iracema
Black Hungarian
Black Night
Bolivian Rainbow
Carolina Reaper
Chapeau de Frade
Cherry Bomb
Chilhuacle Amarillo
Chocolate Beauty
Corno di Toro Giallo
Donne Salis
Etkezesi Paprika
Fatalii, Red
Friariello de Napoli
Full Moon Orange Thai
Ga Sangwa Kinnit (also listed as Kaa Sangwa Kinnit)
Garden Salsa F3
Giant Marconi
Goat Weed
Golden Treasure
Habanero, Long Peach
Habanero, Peruvian White
Habanero, White Bullet
Hawaiian Kona
Holy Mole
Jalapeño, Yellow
Jamaican Yellow Scotch Bonnet
Joe’s Big Blocky
Kpakpo Shito
Macska Sarga
Mako Akokɔsrade
Mammoth Giant Jalapeño
Maya F2
Mayan Cobanero Love
NuMex Eclipse
NuMex R Naky
Orange Sun
Peperone de Sinese
Pero Yellow
Picante Calabrese
Portugal Hot
Prik Kee Noo Suan
Red Congo
Red Thai Hot
Ros de Mallorca
“Roumanian Rainbow
X Jalora Jalapeño”
Siberian First
Siling Haba (may be Siling Labuyo?)
Spanish Spice OP
Super Shephard
Sweet Banana
Taknotsume (aka Hawk’s Claw)
Tequila Sunrise
Thai Dragon
Thai Large
Thai Orange
Thai Super Hot
Tollie’s Sweet
Trinidad Scorpion
UFO Purple
Unknown Pimento Conical
Volcano F3
Yasil Tatli
Yellow Monster
Yolo Wonder

Plus one intriguing new. unique variety that just did not get time to mature in the field: seeds not planted until June 30, 2016 and killing frost came on September 4th, just as blossoms were about to open –



enjoya-pepper-0-306-store-6-17-2016e-rev enjoya-pepper-0-306-store-6-17-2016n

A beautiful, orange and red striped or streaked, thick-walled bell pepper with tasty, crisp, sweet flavor.  My understanding is that this came from Holland and is the first striped bell pepper developed.  I will be glad to send you 5 or 6 seeds from this specimen at no charge with any seed order ( ) while supplies last – just let me know by email after you place an order.  I got 100% germination from these seeds, but I can make no guarantee that they will produce true to type (this may be a hybrid).  I do not sell seeds raised by other, but occasionally I share them at no charge.  I have three plants growing indoors which I have been hand-pollinating.  There are small pods, but plants are struggling and I just don’t know if I will be able to get viable seeds or not — by February perhaps?

There is a beautiful striped hot pepper that has been in my inventory for several years,

FISH pepper –

fish-9-29-2011-a-rev fish-9-13-2011-a-rev

CORN – 15 varieties

Bloody Butcher
Blue Jade
Breeder’s Choice OP (wonderful yellow sweet corn)
Candy Mountain
Dakota Black Popcorn
Earth Tones Dent
Glass Gem
Hickory Cane
Incredible F2 and F3
Painted Mountain (including some interesting variants – ask!)
Painted Mountain Purple
Strawberry Popcorn
Tall White
Tall Yellow

Picture of Painted Mountain Purple – an exceptionally early variety and delicious as sweet corn at the milk stage:

corn-painted-mountain-10-10-2015-d-rev-2 corn-painted-mountain-purple-11-17-2016-c-rev

Earth Tones Dent – very healthy and productive stalk –


See previous post for pictures of Glass Gem and several other varieties of corn.

BEANS – 11 varieties (of 55 planted)

Anasazi Blend
Asian Yard Long
Big John
Bird Egg #3
Black and White Goose
Bush Blue Lake 274
Christmas Lima
Dragon Tongue
Mountain Climber
Red Rum

CUCURBITS – 49 varieties

Cucumber, Korall
Cucumber, Marketmore 76
Cucumber, Muncher
Cucumber, Poona Kheera
Cucumber, Telegraph Improved
Melon, Afghan Honeydew
Melon, Apple
Melon, Bananadew
Melon, Bateekh Samara
Melon, Black Cross Unribbed
Melon, Canary, Tweety (F2)
Melon, Crenshaw
Melon, Delice de La Table
Melon, Far North
Melon, Galia
Melon, Golden Dewlicious
Melon, Ineya
Melon, Madu Ras
Melon, Melon de Castilla
Melon, Melōrànge
Melon, Meshedi Persian
Melon, Model
Melon, Muhurlu
Melon, New
Melon, Obus
Melon, Old-Time Tennessee
Melon, O’Odham Ke’li Ba’so
Melon, Orange Dewlicious
Melon, Papayadew (F3)
Melon, Persian
Melon, Rich Sweetness 132
Melon, Santa Clause
Melon, Snow Leopard
Melon, Sugar Kiss
Melon, Swan Lake
Melon, Talibi Persian
Melon, Temptation
Melon, Tendril Verde Tanlif
Squash, Butterbush
Squash, Lunga di Napoli
Watermelon, Carolina Cross
Watermelon, Cream of Saskatchewan
Watermelon, Jeremiah the Bullfrog (apparently very rare, not many seeds available, very delicious pink flesh)

Watermelon, Moon and Stars
Watermelon, Royal Golden
Watermelon, Sweet Siberian
Watermelon, Ultra Skorospelyi
Watermelon, Zolotistyi
Wintermelon, Valincia

BASIL – Managed to save seeds of only 1 of 13 varieties

Lemon Basil

Lots of very delicious and interesting varieties among these – sure wish I had pictures and descriptions ready!!  But please ask if you have any specific questions: