2015 Seeds Ready to Go!

Well, mostly that is.  Enough to get lists updated:

      DT All Seeds 2015

Subject to change once I get all seeds sorted and entered into the database.

Yes, that’s 2,115 total varieties, including 1,506 varieties of tomatoes!  Regrettably, it will take many weeks to finish processing 31,000+ photos, writing descriptions and getting a user-friendly, mobile-friendly website up and running.  I’ve been threatening to do a major overhaul for a couple of years now.  Turns out that I’m struggling with Webstarts, which uses technology from the 1990’s.  So within the next couple of weeks, there will be a point at which the main website will go offline while I transfer everything over to a much more streamlined platform – one that hopefully will be at least 20 times faster for me.

Here are a few plates of tomato seeds just put out to dry – the tail end of some 1,600 total batches of seeds, more than half of them tomato seeds – saved in 2015.

Seeds on plates drying 12-01-2015

An aside:

Angel's Landing 11-29-2015 S rev

This location is about 1 hour away, photo taken yesterday from atop Angel’s Landing .