Delectation of Tomatoes Website Is Now Online

Finally, after 3 years of hoping, planning and threatening, the website reconstruction has now launched!!

At the moment, there are 1,463 varieties of tomatoes listed.  Among these:

• 1,350 are Heirloom and/or Open Pollinated

• 113 are hybrids in development to deybridize or unknowns

Among the hybrids are 8 which are original with Delectation of Tomatoes; these are documented in previous posts here and summarized at:

DT Big Tomatoes 2014

Of the 1,463 descriptions, 619 of them are original.  Regrettably, the others are “borrowed” for now.  But this is better than what has been available to date, which has been simple lists.

Also lacking for now:  pictures for 99% of the varieties – YIKES!  At last count, I had 39,627 pictures on file, with 14% of these still needing to be named.  So uploading pictures will be a major, ongoing task over the next few months.

And still to upload:

Pictures and descriptions of an additional 647 varieties that are NOT tomatoes as follows:

Pepper 333
Melon & Cucumber 108
Squash & Gourd 74
Bean, Pea, Corn 46
Ground Cherry, Eggplant, Tomatillo 25
Herbs, Greens, Flowers etc. 61
Total 647

These are listed at:


Plus there are another 500 or so varieties of tomatoes, etc. for which I have seeds, but not enough to share – yet!

Whoever said Winter is boring for the avid (I mean obsessed) gardener??

Processing fully mature summer squash for seeds, 1-10-2016

Processing fully mature summer squash for seeds, 1-10-2016