Produce and Seeds from Southern Utah

There have been a couple of nights of light frost at the farm in Kanab.  Frantically (well, not quite) harvesting all fruits and vegetables before heavy frost gets a chance to ruin them.  Melons, squash, eggplant, cucumbers, peppers, and of course more tomatoes.

Here’s a teaser, the BIGGEST pepper I’ve ever seen:

Big Bertha (0.900 DT 2014)

Pepper, Big Bertha (0.900 DT 2014) BPepper, Big Bertha (0.900 DT 2014) DPepper, Big Bertha (0.900 DT 2014) G

I did a rough count of photographs I’ve taken for Delectation of Tomatoes in the past four years:


Among these, 87% are labeled and about 10% are fully processed.  This leaves almost 3,500 still to be labeled and processed.  And more than two years behind with much of the data entry that needs to be done.  And the website – so much still to do; never a dull moment!

Anyhow, as time permits, I’ll include below more photos and descriptions of some of the wonderful melon, eggplant, etc. varieties we grew this year.

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Update 10-28-2014

First significant frost of the season last night in the Salt Lake Valley.  Ahead of this I harvested 17 5-gallon buckets full of tomatoes, melons, squash, etc.  This in addition to the 24 or so buckets full I brought back from Kanab.  Each bucket represents 5-10 hrs. worth of work…

Squash and Melon harvest 10-27-2014 D rev

Seed Processing 10-26-2014 H rev Seed Processing 10-26-2014 G Seed Processing 10-26-2014 F Seed Processing 10-26-2014 E Seed Processing 10-26-2014 C Seed Processing 10-26-2014 B Seed Processing 10-26-2014 A

Here’s a teaser of a cucumber variety processed for seeds today:

Poona Kheera – very tasty, even when mature, and rapidly becoming very popular around here!

Cucumber, Poona Kheera (0.832 DT 2014) E Cucumber, Poona Kheera (0.832 DT 2014) D