Giant Tomato Project 2018

Fifty giant tomato seedlings were transplanted into the high tunnel late evening (planted by moonlight) of May 28, 2018:

Giant Tomato Vines in the Ground!

Here’s a quick look at them the next morning:

List of seedlings/competitors follow.

Along the north row, these first 25 (and the first three in the south row) were planted from seed on April 24th, so transplanted 34 days from sowing:

1. Behemoth King (2.491 Shlomin 2014)
2. Big Rainbow (1.888 LBH 2011)
3. Big Zac (1.246 DT 2016 (7.10 Foss 2014))
4. Big Zac (2.41 Ritchie 2016)
5. Big Zac (5.42 Strickler 2017)
6. Bigzarro (3.754 DT 2014)
7. Bulgarische Rosa Riese
8. Domingo (3.420 DT 2017)
9. Giant Heart Climber (Victory)
10. Gildo Pietroboni
11. Gold Medal (1.310 DT 2012)
12. KY Cygni (2.28 DT 2017)
13. Michael’s Portuguese Monster (2.610 DT 2012)
14. Nesravnenniy (1.894 DT 2017)
15. Peter Glazebrook’s Special (0.972 DT 2015)
16. Polish Giant (Goldman 2012)
17. Rhode Island Giant (2.006 DT 2014)
18. Ruttgers (2.370 DT 2015)
19. RW Cephei (3.376 DT 2017)
20. Sainte Lucie (2.150 DT 2017)
21. Serdtse Ameriki (1.924 DT 2014)
22. Sibirskiy Velikan Rozovy (2.066 DT 2014)
23. Tadzhikskiye (1.728 DT 2017)
24. Tamara (1.964 DT 2017)
25. Westerlund (3.698 DT 2015)

Along the south row, numbers 4-25 were planted from seed on May 8th, so transplanted 20 days from sowing:

1. Yaponiya (2.264 DT 2017)
2. Diamante (3.44 Oppedisano 2017)
3. Domingo (4.75 Marley 2014)
4. Big Zac (4.05 Borgers 2017) (5.75 Timm X Open < 6.22 Bryson 2015)
5. Big Zac (3.19 Borgers 2017) (8.36 Boudyo X self)
6. Big Zac (3.19 Borgers 2017) (8.36 Boudyo X self)
7. Big Zac (0.87 Borgers 2017) (Clone of 8.61 Sutherlund)
8. Big Zac (0.87 Borgers 2017) (Clone of 8.61 Sutherlund)
9. Big Zac (3.27 Borgers 2017) (7.18 Harp 2009 X open)
10. Big Zac (3.97 Borgers 2017) (7.05 Porkchop X open)
11. Big Zac (3.30 Borgers 2017) (7.10 Foss X open)
12. Big Zac (4.01 Borgers 2017) (6.83 Boudyo X open)
13. Big Zac (4.01 Borgers 2017) (6.83 Boudyo X open)
14. Big Zac (4.38 Borgers 2017) (6.79 Sutherland X Open)
15. Big Zac (4.38 Borgers 2017) (6.79 Sutherland X Open)
16. Big Zac (3.29 Borgers 2017) (LaRue X open)
17. Big Zac (3.48 Borgers 2017) (4.57 MacCoy X Open)
18. Big Zac (3.71 Borgers 2017) (6.15 Ansems X self)
19. Delicious (3.78 Borgers 2017) (7.33 Hunt 2010 X open)
20. Delicious (3.96 Borgers 2017) (6.83 Fulk X open)
21. Megamutt (5.24 Borgers 2017) (Megamutt (D))
22. Megazac (2.34 Borgers 2017) (6.13 Konieczny X open)
23. Megazac (2.34 Borgers 2017) (6.13 Konieczny X open)
24. Wixom Slammer (3.02 Borgers 2017) (3.77 Borgers X open)
25. Wixom Slammer (3.02 Borgers 2017) (3.77 Borgers X open)

Experienced giant tomato growers will notice several varieties that have not ever been recorded at as producing giants.  Well, these have shown some promise in the open field, so I’m putting them up against some tried and proven lines to see how they perform.  Hopefully we’ll discover some fresh DNA for the world of competitive giant tomato growing!

A special thanks is obviously in order to Bob Borgers (bnot on who provided a huge portion of seeds from top-of-the-line genetics for this project!!  Disappointed, however, that none of the seeds germinated from the 8.22 lb. Domingo.

Anyhow, in the planting holes went all kinds of good stuff:

In addition to products shown here, about 1.5 cubic yards of spent mushroom compost was incorporated into the soil, along with Azomite (source of trace minerals), Redmond sea salt, Sustane 4-6-4 (slow release organic fertilizer) and bone meal.  I plan to start applications of liquid nutrients tomorrow.

Goal: to exceed 5 POUNDS with at least one tomato this year.

Ok, on to the 2018 Dwarf Tomato Project!

Following is a list of 71 dwarf varieties I am growing in 2018 – note that for a few of these I have seeds available (see ); hopefully by November, seeds of all of these will be available:

Adelaide Festival
Banksia Queen
Barossa Fest
Big Green Dwarf
Bundaberg Rumball
Chocolate Champion
Chocolate Lightning
Dwarf Arctic Rose
Dwarf Barossa Moon
Dwarf Beauty King
Dwarf Bendigo Dawn
Dwarf Black Angus
Dwarf Blazing Beauty
Dwarf Caitydid
Dwarf Confetti
Dwarf Crimson Sockeye
Dwarf Firebird Sweet
Dwarf Franklin County
Dwarf Golden Gypsy
Dwarf Golden Heart
Dwarf Kelly Green
Dwarf Lemon Ice
Dwarf Mahogany
Dwarf Mandurang Moon
Dwarf Mr. Snow
Dwarf Orange Cream
Dwarf Pink Opal
Dwarf Pink Passion
Dwarf Purple Heart
Dwarf Sarah’s Red
Dwarf Sarah’s Red (2nd tag D Saucy Mary)
Dwarf Saucy Mary
Dwarf Scarlet Heart
Dwarf Shadow Boxing
Dwarf Shadow Boxing (NOT dwarf)
Dwarf Sneaky Sauce
Dwarf Velvet Night
Dwarf Wild Spudleaf
Fred’s Tie Dye
Husky Pink
Kangaroo Paw Brown
Kangaroo Paw Green
Kangaroo Paw Yellow
Kookaburra Cackle
Loxton Lad Dwarf
Loxton Lass Dwarf
Lucky Swirl
Mallee Rose
Maralinga Dwarf
New Big Dwarf
Pertsevidnyi Polosatyi
Red Alert
Rosella Crimson
Sosulka Krasnaya
Summer Sweet Gold
Summertime Green
Sweet Adelaide
Sweet Scarlet Dwarf
Tanunda Red
Tasmanian Chocolate
Uluru Ochre
Waratah Dwarf
Willa’s Cariboo Rose

I am doing a paired experiment: one seedling of each dwarf variety in garden soil, and its matched pair in a 7-gallon grow bag with a potting mix that I concocted.

For completeness, here is a list of another 35 dwarf (including dwarf determinate) varieties which I am not growing this year but have seeds in stock to share with other growers:

Beryl Beauty
Big Dwarf
Dwarf Emerald Giant
Dwarf Golden Champ
Dwarf Jade Beauty
Dwarf Red Heart
Dwarf Russian Swirl
Dwarf Shadow Boxing
Dwarf Stone
Dwarf Sweet Sue
Dwarf Wild Fred
Husky Red
Iditarod Red
Krainiy Sever
Large Lucky Red
Lime Green Salad
Orange Pixie
Perth Pride
Polish Dwarf
Purple Reign
Rosella Purple
Sean’s Yellow Dwarf
Sleeping Lady
Snow Fairy
Summer Sunrise
Summertime Gold
Tennessee Suited
Yukon Quest

And now for Micro-dwarfs!

I already have seeds of:

Red Robin

And this year I am growing out these additional 16 varieties to trial and for seeds:

Birdie Rouge
Florida Petite
Gold Pearl
Micro Tom
Orange Hat
Pinocchio Red
Rainbow Dwarf
Rejina Red
Rejina Yellow
Yellow Canary

Now for the main tomato project – you don’t really want me to list all of these do you?  At last count, 497 ADDITIONAL varieties, so 497 + 50 (giant tomato project – many are lineages, not unique varieties) + 71 (dwarf) + 16 (micro-dwarf) =

634 tomato varieties

That I am planning on saving seeds from this year.  There are at least an additional 40 varieties that I have not even planted from seed yet – replacements of varieties already lost this year, etc.

And this doesn’t even count peppers, melons, beans, squash, herbs, etc. Perhaps and additional 100 varieties?  I still have not finest extracting and processing seeds from the 2017 season…

Here are a couple of helpers discovered in the high tunnel:

And a few other interesting plants –

Grzduja (a salad green from an island off the coast of Dalmatia)

Japanese Giant Red Mustard

Red Russian Kale

North Pole Lettuce

Yup, been busy.  And short on sleep.  Not short on ambition or ideas!



Transition from Sowing to Planting

According to records, I have sown about 8,281 seeds indoors in plug trays so far this year.  Although there are some loose ends to tie up (replantings of varieties which did not emerge or which died), this planting phase is essentially complete.

Um, if it’s not obvious, this is a very tedious process, yet enjoyable as I imagine all the great tomatoes, peppers, etc. that will result from this effort.  Each tray takes about 5 hours from preparation, to hunting up seeds, planting, and keeping careful records.

About 150 “1801” trays were filled with 3-1/2″ pots potting mix (all organic, OMRI listed products – see previous blog posts for details).

Many days of potting up work, but now 95% completed:

I got some great and much-appreciated help from several young people and relatives with this huge job of potting up!  Here’s the high tunnel about a week ago – shade cloth essential for freshly potted up seedlings:

And here it is on April 30th:


Short video of this:


And here is probably my last batch of Venus tomatoes for seed saving – I’ve turned the kids loose to eat the rest of the fruits – yummy tomatoes in April!

Here is an interesting novelty I’m trying out this year, a salad green from Dalmatia called Grzduja, perhaps Bunias erucago, or Crested Warty Cabbage.  I received five seeds in a seed trade in 2013 and finally got around to planting them.  So far, they are not liking the cool weather, but the three plants that did emerge are surviving:

Following is a breakdown of what I’ve planted (some of this duplicated in previous blog post).

Peppers, 70 varieties

Bahamian Goat
Bhut Jolokia, Chocolate
Big Bertha
Bleeding Borg 9
Blushing Beauty
Bonda Mas Jacques
Burgundy 7 Pod
Caramel Moruga
Carmen Sweet
Carolina Reaper
Chocolate Borg 9
Chocolate Brainstrain
Chocolate Habanero
Chocolate Naga X Brain
Congo Trinidad
Corno di Toro Giallo
Corno di Toro Rosso
Doe Hill
Duke Italian
Fatalii, Red
Full Moon Orange Thai
Genghis Khan Brain
Giallo d’Asti
Giant Aconcagua
Golden California Wonder
Golden Treasure
Habanero, Red
Italian Pepperoncini
Jalapeño, Traveler’s Strain
Jay’s Peach Ghost Scorpion
Joe’s Big Blocky
Le Rouge Royal
Lesya Necsi
Mini Chimes Orange
Mini Sweet Orange, Store
Mini Sweet Red, Store
Naga Morich
Nano Cortona
NuMex Big Jim
Paper Lantern
Paradiscom Alaku Sarga Szentes
Pinga de Mono
Purple Beauty
Red Douglah
Roberto’s Cuban Seasoning
Rocoto Red
Spanish Spice
Striped Holland
Super Heavyweight
Tabasco Annco BGft
Trinidad Chocolate Scorpion
Trinidad Scorpion
White 7 Pod
Yellow Brain Strain

Eggplant, 9 varieties:

Brazilian Oval Orange
Orient Charm
Orient Express
Ping Tung

Other types and varieties, 64 (not listing)

And last, but far from least: tomatoes, 623 varieties (including crosses, unnamed, etc.):

Abraham Lincoln
Abrika Zebra
Adelaide Festival
Alen’kiy Tsvetochek
Alex Popovich Yugoslavian
Alice’s Egypt
Alona Lyuks
Altaiskiy Oranzhevyi
Altayskiy Gigant
Altayskiy Shedevr
Amana Orange
Amarillo de Benlloch
Amazon Chocolate
Americke Pyramidni
Amish Bicolor
Ananas Noire
Andrew Rahart’s Jumbo Red
Andy Buckflat’s Wonder
Anna Meyer
Anna Russian
Arad’s Pink Heart
Argentine Paste
Aunt Gerties Gold
Aunt Swarlo’s Polish Plum
Babushkino Bych’ye Serdtse X Zolotyie Kupola
Bangladesh Heart
Banksia Queen
Barlow Jap
Barossa Fest
Behemoth King
Belgian Heart
Berkeley Tie-dye Heart
Big Cheef Pink Potato Leaf
Big Green Dwarf
Big Hill
Big Orange Stripe
Big Rainbow
Big Zac
Blaby Special
Black Beauty
Black Cherry
Black From Tula
Black Krim
Black Mountain Pink
Bloody Butcher
Blue Ridge Black
Blue Ridge Mountain
Bob’s Boomtown Titty
Bochkovoy Minusinskyi
Bogatyr’ Minusinskiy
Bolgarskiy Gigant
Bol’shaya Malina
Brad’s Black Heart
Brandy Boy
Brandywine from Croatia, PL
Brandywine Red X Purple Russian
Brandywine, Black
Brandywine, Cowlick’s
Brandywine, Liam’s
Brandywine, OTV
Brandywine, Texas
Brazilian Beauty
Brazil’skiy Velikan
Brutus Magnum
Budonovka Starinnaya
Bulgarian Heart
Bulgarian Rose
Bulgarian Triumph
Bulgarische Rosa Riese
Bundaberg Rumball
Bych’ye Serdtse Oranzhevoye Ostroye
Bych’ye Serdtse Rozovoye Ostroye
Byler’s Red Oxheart
Campbell 135
Canestrino Di Lucca
Cero Blackburn
Charlie Chaplin
Chaynaya Roza
Cherniy Slon
Cherokee Purple
Chilo della Garfagnana
Chocolate Champion
Chocolate Cherry
Chocolate Lightning
Chudo Zemli Uluchshennoe
Churra Plum
Clear Lake Heirloom
Coeur de Surpriz
Copper River
Couer de Bob
Cousin Frank’s
Cuore del Drago
Cuore di Toro
Dachtyla Mynoa
Dactyla Mynoa
Damascus Steel
Dancing with Smurfs
Daniel Burson
De Barao Chorniy
De Barao Rozoviy
De Barao Tsarskyi Krasnyi Ukrainskyi
Delishes Krasniy
Dice’s Black Mystery
Dixie Golden Giant
Dr. Lyle
Dr. Wyche’s Yellow
Drug (Dzhan)
Dwarf Arctic Rose
Dwarf Barossa Moon
Dwarf Beauty King
Dwarf Bendigo Dawn
Dwarf Black Angus
Dwarf Blazing Beauty
Dwarf Caitydid
Dwarf Confetti
Dwarf Crimson Sockeye
Dwarf Firebird Sweet
Dwarf Franklin County
Dwarf Golden Gypsy
Dwarf Golden Heart
Dwarf Kelly Green
Dwarf Lemon Ice
Dwarf Mahogany
Dwarf Mandurang Moon
Dwarf Mr. Snow
Dwarf Orange Cream
Dwarf Pink Opal
Dwarf Pink Passion
Dwarf Purple Heart
Dwarf Russian Swirl
Dwarf Sarah’s Red
Dwarf Saucy Mary
Dwarf Scarlet Heart
Dwarf Shadow Boxing
Dwarf Sneaky Sauce
Dwarf Velvet Night
Dwarf Wild Spudleaf
Dyvo bicolor
Earl’s Faux
Early Chatham
Emerald Evergreen
Erdie’s Family Oxheart
Esquena Verd
Everett’s Rusy Oxheart
Faelen’s First Snow
Flathead Monster Orange
Fleur de Reagir
Forest Fire
Fourth of July
Frantsuzskiy Gigant
Fred’s Tie Dye
Fred’s Tie Dye
Germanskiy Polosatiy
Gezahnte Buhrer-Keel
Giant Heart Climber
Giant Italian Paste
Giant Oxheart
Gibrid 4 Tarasenko
Gibrid 7 Tarasenko
Gigant Kuby
Gigant Limonnyi
Gigante Castilla
Gigantskiy Grebeshok
Gildo Pietroboni
Girl Girl’s Weird Thing
Gold Medal
Golden King of Siberia
Golden Monarch
Golden Queen, USDA strain
Golden Treasure
Goluboy Les
Gordost Sibiri
Goryashchiye Ogni
Govyadina S Kusta
Grase de Calina
Green Doctors Frosted
Grosse d’Eaude
Grub’s Mystery Green
Grub’s Mystery Green
Guernsey Island Pink Blush
Hamilton’s Gold
Hawaiian Pineapple
Hege German Pink X Claude Brown’s Yellow Giant
Hege German Pink X Grandfather Ashlock
Hihant Lymonniy
Homestead 24-F
Hooker’s Huge
Hungarian Giant
Husky Pink
Imperator Chu Fu
Indian Stripe
Iranskoye Chudo
Isis Brandy
Ispanskaya Roza
Ispanskiy Gigant
Ital’yanskaya Grusha
Iva’s Red Berry
JD’s Special C-Tex
Jeff Davis
Jefferson Giant
Jenkins Creek
Joe’s Pink Oxheart
Joe’s Plum
Julia Child
June Pink
Jung’s Giant Oxheart
Kangaroo Paw Brown
Kangaroo Paw Green
Kangaroo Paw Yellow
Kardinal Mazarini
Kavkazskyi Velikan
Kazakhstanskiy Rozoviy
Kenigsberg Serdtsevidniy
Khokhol Gigant
Kickapoo Creek
King Pineapple
Kookaburra Cackle
Korol King II
Korol’ Londona
Korolevskaya Mantiya
Korshun Ogromniy
Korshun Ogromniy Krasniy
Kozula #128
Kozula #133
Kozula #161
Krainiy Sever
Krasnaya Grusha Frankov
Krasnaya Mishen’
Krasniy General
KY Cygni
La Grosse A Lulu
La Nénesse
Lancaster County Pink
Large Pink Bulgarian
L’Espagnol Lefebvres
Letniy Sidr
Lev Minusinskiy
Libanaise des Montagnes
Lida Ukrainian
Linnie’s Oxheart
Lithium Sunset
Little Lucky
Liz Birt
Loxton Lad Dwarf
Loxton Lass Dwarf
Lucky Swirl
Lyagushka Tsarevna
Lyubimyye Kurskiye
Lyubov’ Irana
Lyubyashcheye Serdtse
Maddeline’s Vine Candy
Maiden’s Gold
Malina Treston
Malina Treston
Malinovaya Zebra
Mallee Rose
Mamina Lyubov’
Mamont Gigant Ploskiy
Maralinga Dwarf
Marglobe Supreme
Martin’s Mennonite
Mayo’s Delight
Mazarini Ploskiy Malinoviy
McClintock’s Big Pink
Medovyi Spas
Medvezhya Lapa Rozovaya
Mennonite Orange
Merrill Shulz Beefsteak
Michaela’s Pink Oxheart
Michael’s Portuguese Monster
Minusinskiy Malinoviy Traditsionniy
Minusinskiye ot Starozhilov
Minusinskiye ot Zyryanovoy
Minusinskyi Yablochnyi Rozovyi
Monastyrskaya Trapeza Krasnaya
Monomakh’s Hat
Moravsky Div
Mortgage Lifter
Mortgage Lifter, Pesta
Mortgage Lifter, Radiator Charlie’s
Mrs. Houseworth
Muddy Mamba
Neves Azorean Red
New Big Dwarf
Nochnaya Svecha
NuMex Big Jim
Ogromnaya Sliva
Old German
Old Heart Italian
Omar’s Lebanese
Orange Bourgoin
Orange Bourgoin
Orange Minsk
Orange Oxheart
Orange Paruche
Oranzheviy Bizon
Oranzhevoye Bych’ye Serdtse
Orenco Gold
Oslinyie Ushi
Pappy Kerns
Park’s Whopper
Peaches and Cream
Pebrera de Jerica
Pepe’s Gigant
Pertsevidnyi Polosatyi
Peter Glazebrook’s Special
Pinga de Mono
Pink Berkeley Tie-dye
Pleated Carnelian
Plum Lemon
Polesskiy Gigant Tarasenko
Polish Giant
Polish Giant Beefsteak
Polish Linguisa
Polish Pink
Pol’skoye Serdtse Gigant
Postraya Grozd’
Prezident Yuar
Pruden’s Purple
Purple Beauty
Purple Calabash
Purple Dog Creek
Purple Not Strawberry
Purple Potato Top aka German Purple
Purple Reign
RAF Fimande
Rainey’s Maltese
Raspberry Miracle
Raspberry Oxheart
Rayskoye Naslazhdeniye
Rebel Yell
Red Alert
Red Belly
Red Butter Heart
Red Pear Periforme Abruzzesse
Red Penna
Red Zebra
Regina Yellow
Reibais Kekars
Reif Italian Heart
Reinhard’s Chocolate Heart
Reverend Morrow’s Long Keeper
Rhoades Heirloom
Rhode Island Giant
Rosa Gigant Gallego
Rosalie’s Big Rosy
Rosalie’s Early Orange
Rosalie’s Large Paste
Rose Quartz
Rosella Crimson
Royal Hillbilly
Rozovaya Krupnaya
Rozoviy Begemot
Rozoviy Flamingo Serdtsevidniy
Rozoviy Izyumniy
Rozoviy Kit
Rozoviy Med
Rozoviy Syrayeva
Rozovye Krupnye
Rozovyi Gigant
Rozovyy Slon
Rubinovyie Zvozdy
Russian Rose
Russkaya Dusha
Russkiy Bogatyr’
Rutgers 250
RW Cephei
Sainte Lucie
Sakharniy Gigant Rozoviy
Sakharnyi Pudovichok
Samarskiy Medved’
San Marzano
Sara’s Galapogos
Sarnowski Polish Plum
Sasha’s Altai
Schimmeig Striped Hollow
Schwarze Sarah
Secano de Ares
Selwin Yellow
Serbskiy Yaguar
Serdtse Ameriki
Serdtse Kenguru
Sergeant Pepper’s
Severnaya Korona
Shary Minusinskiye Rozovyie
Sheryl’s Portuguese Red Heart
Sibirskiy Velikan Rozovy
Sibirskoye Zastol’ye
Sirenevoe Ozero
Smith’s Southern Star
Sophie’s Choice
Sosulka Krasnaya
Stan’s Oxheart
Summer Sunrise
Summer Sweet Gold
Summertime Green
Sunrise Bumblebee
Super Beefsteak
Super Beefsteak Bicolor
Super Choice
Super San Marzano
Super Sioux
Super Sweet 100
Sweet Adelaide
Sweet Apertif
Sweet Scarlet Dwarf
Swisher Sweet
Syzranskaya Skorospelka
Tanunda Red
Taos Trail
Taps, PL
Taps, RL
Tasmanian Chocolate
Tel-Aviv Train
Tess’s Land Race
That Russian Tomato
Tomatniy Ray
Top Sirloin
Trees Bottom Streaks
Uglerod X Babushkino Bych’ye Serdtse
Ugly Ripe
Ukh, Visit!
Ukrainskyi Gigant
Uluru Ochre
Unknown #05 Cherokee bi-color
Unknown #07 Koshykar bi-color
Unknown #21 Hurdman
Unknown #22 Aceto Large Red
Unknown #23 Believe It or Not, Yellow
Unknown #25 Italian Cluster
Unknown Volunteer Large
Uralskiy Ranniy
Vashe Blagorodie
Vater Rhein
Vechnaya Lyubov’
Venetian Marketplace
Vinni Pukh
Vinnyi Bolgarskyi Velikan
Violet Jasper
Virginia Sweets
Volov’i Ushi
Vostochnaya Pyshka
Waltingers Fleisch aus Indien
Waratah Dwarf
Wessel’s Purple Pride
White Tomesol
Wild Bill’s Old Timey
Wild Thyme Bicolored
Wild Thyme Purple
Willa’s Cariboo Rose
Woodle Orange
Work Release Paste
Worley Red
Yasha Yugoslavian
Yegipetskaya Lad’ya
Yegipetskiy Velikan
Yellow Cookie
Yellow Star
Yoder’s German Pink
Yoder’s German Yellow
Yoder’s Red Beefsteak
Yuriy Gagarin
Yusupovskyi S Fergany
Zagorsko Volovsko Oko
Zebra Chernaya
Zebra Oranzhevaya
Zemlyanika Margarity
Zhar Goryashchiye Ugli
Zolotaya Kanareyka
Zolotoe Serdtse
Zolotoy Dozhd’
Zolotoy Myod
Zolotyie Kupola
Zore’s Big Red

Among these 623, I hope to save seeds from at least 550 varieties.  Where will I find the space, or the time, or the energy for such a massive undertaking?  Help, I need help!

But everyone wants money to help, which I don’t have any of to spare.  So the stream of 100+ hour work weeks will continue into the foreseeable future.

If only I could sell 2,000 of these extra seedlings, then maybe I could afford to hire some part-time help?  But marketing is so NOT my forte…


Spring Planting 2018

Winter indoor giant tomato contest was terminated a couple of weeks ago.  This 0.548 lb. Domingo tomato was beat out by all but one other contestant at

Big tan spot resulted from scorching from the 400-watt metal halide bulb, occuring after I had left off the shade cloth after taking pictures one day.

The Venus mini-dwarf plants produced very well indoors and fresh seeds are now dried and ready to go:

Light stand set up a couple of weeks ago in a recessed part of a basement room.  It’s a wire rack with 4 shelves and is arranged to be able to hold 20 trays at 5 levels (including floor), with two 2-bulb, 40-watt T-12 fluorescent bulbs.  The stand is surrounded by mylar fabric (emergency blankets).  Here’s what I used for the front/curtain:

Indoor seed planting project is about 50% complete.  A few super hot peppers were planted on March 03 – so far ZERO germination on 8 of these varieties:

Bhut Jolokia, Chocolate
Bonda Mas Jacques
Caramel Moruga
Carolina Reaper
Fatalii, Red
Genghis Khan Brain
Habanero, Red
Jay’s Peach Ghost Scorpion
Naga Morich
Pinga de Mono
Red Douglah
Rocoto Red
Trinidad Chocolate Scorpion
Trinidad Scorpion
White 7 Pod
Yellow Brain Strain

A few early tomato varieties were started on March 15.  Here’s what the tray looks like now:

And here is the list of varieties:

Andy Buckflat’s Wonder
Bloody Butcher
Forest Fire
Fourth of July (OP, PL)
Grub’s Mystery Green
Krainiy Sever
Malina Treston
Moravsky Div
Orange Bourgoin
Red Alert
Sasha’s Altai
Sasha’s Altai
Sophie’s Choice
Uralskiy Ranniy

Planting seeds of tomato varieties to share with other growers was completed on March 30; here is the list of 73 varieties:

Amazon Chocolate
Andy Buckflat’s Wonder
Aunt Gerties Gold
Berkeley Tie-dye Heart
Big Zac
Black Beauty
Black Cherry
Black Mountain Pink
Brandy Boy
Brandywine from Croatia, PL
Brazilian Beauty
Budonovka Starinnaya
Chocolate Cherry
Dachtyla Mynoa
Daniel Burson
Dwarf Russian Swirl
Dyvo bicolor
Fourth of July OP (PL)
Gezahnte Buhrer-Keel
Giant Italian Paste
Goluboy Les
Green Doctors Frosted
Grub’s Mystery Green
Hawaiian Pineapple
Ispanskiy Gigant
Joe’s Pink Oxheart
June Pink
Maddeline’s Vine Candy
Malina Treston
Nochnaya Svecha
Orange Bourgoin
Peaches and Cream
Pleated Carnelian
Purple Reign
Regina Yellow
Rhoades Heirloom
Rose Quartz
Russian Rose
Sasha’s Altai
Summer Sunrise
Super Choice
Sweet Apertif
Ukh, Visit!
Violet Jasper
Virginia Sweets
Wessel’s Purple Pride
Wild Thyme Purple
Work Release Paste
Yusupovskyi S Fergany

Peppers for sharing includes these 14 varieties:

Doe Hill
Jalapeño, Traveler’s Strain
Le Rouge Royal
Lesya Necsi
Mini Chimes Orange
Paper Lantern
Purple Beauty
Spanish Spice OP

Eggplant varieties to share:

Brazilian Oval Orange
Orient Charm
Orient Express
Ping Tung

And peppers for seed propagation, these 37 varieties:

Bahamian Goat
Big Bertha
Bleeding Borg 9
Blushing Beauty
Burgundy 7 Pod
Carmen Sweet
Chocolate Borg 9
Chocolate Brainstrain
Chocolate Habanero
Chocolate Naga X Brain
Congo Trinidad
Corno di Toro Giallo
Corno di Toro Rosso
Duke Italian
Full Moon Orange Thai
Giallo d’Asti
Giant Aconcagua
Golden California Wonder
Golden Treasure
Italian Pepperoncini
Joe’s Big Blocky
Mini Sweet Orange, Store
Mini Sweet Red, Store
Nano Cortona
NuMex Big Jim
Paradiscom Alaku Sarga Szentes
Red Douglah
Roberto’s Cuban Seasoning
Striped Holland, F2, F3
Super Heavyweight
Tabasco (Annco BGft?)

Several varieties of brassicus, alliums, greens and herbs were also planted indoors and are mostly growing well.

Currently, the list of “must grow” tomato varieties for seed propagation has been trimmed drastically, down to “only” 533 varieties.  What to do, what to do…  That list will be posted in a few days.

Exciting New Varieties from Russia

The recipe book itself is interesting enough, with 163 recipes for preserving garden produce:

But also included are seeds of 140+ tomato varieties, most of them from Russia, many of them family heirlooms.  Here’s the draft list of varieties – only those in Cyrillic are listed:

Абрика зебра
Алёна люкс
Аленький цветочек
Алтайский гигант
Алтайский шедевр
Бабушкино бычье сердце Х Золотые купола
Богатырь Минусинский
Болгарский гигант
Большая малина
Бразильский великан
Бычье сердце оранжевое острое
Бычье сердце розовое острое
Вечная любовь
Вини Пух
Воловьи уши
Восточная пышка
Восточная Пышка
Гибрид 4 Тарасенко
Гибрид 7 Тарасенко
Гигант Кубы
Гигантский гребешок
Говядина с куста
Горящие огни
Де барао розовый
Де барао чёрный
Делишес красный
Дженкинс Грик
Джефф Девис
Друг ( Джан )
Египетский великан
Жар горящие угли
Земляника Маргариты
Золотая канарейка
Золотой дождь
Золотые купола
Император Чу Фу
Иранское чудо
Испанская роза
Итальянская груша
Казахстанский розовый
Кенигсберг сердцевидный
Королевская мантия
Король Лондона
Коршун огромный
Коршун огромный красный
Красная груша Франков
Красная мишень
Красный Генерал
Лев Минусинский
Летний сидр
Любовь Ирана
Любящее сердце
Мазарини плоский малиновый
Мамина любовь
Мамонт гигант плоский
Минусинские от Зыряновой
Минусинские от старожилов
Минусинский малиновый традиционный
Монастырская трапеза красная
Огромная слива
Оранжевое бычье сердце
Оранжевый бизон
Ослиные уши
Пёстрая гроздь
Полесский гигант Тарасенко
Райское наслаждение
Розовая крупная
Розовый бегемот
Розовый изюмный
Розовый кит
Розовый Сыраева
Розовый фламинго сердцевидный
Рубиновые звёзды
Русский богатырь
Самарский медведь
Сахарный гигант розовый
Северная корона
Сербский ягуар
Сердце кенгуру
Сибирское застолье
Сызранская скороспелка
Томатный рай
Углерод Х Бабушкино бычье сердце
Французский гигант
Хохол гигант
Чайная роза
Чудо земли улучшенное
Шары Минусинские розовые
Юрий Гагарин

Translations and transliterations to be completed.  Who know’s what interesting and tasty surprises will reveal themselves in 2018?  Are we having fun yet?

There is also a list of 360+ (and getting longer) additional tomato varieties on the preliminary grow-out list for 2018.  does it sound like work yet?

The BIG project in February was two local seed exchanges.  An enormous task with some great help (thanks – you know who you are!) to package up about 3,000 packets of some 250 varieties, about 150 of which were tomatoes.  Although only 6% of what was packaged was shared with other growers, hopefully having a lot of pre-packaged seeds will help increase efficiency for those requesting seeds via mail.  Still, seeds of more than 90% of varieties remain in their inventory packages and will be packaged upon request.  Here’s the beginning and most time-consuming part of the project – preparing labels:

And a partial view of what was offered:

First fruit on the Venus plant is just starting to ripen, 73 days from seed sowing, 43 from open blossom:

Winter indoor giant tomato contest update –

Nothing too exciting.  The RW Cephei is finally getting some more buds close to open, including a decent looking 3X (not shown); but it’s far too late to hope for anything significant by the first day of Spring, three weeks away, which is the deadline for weighing for the contest.

From the other two vines I’ve culled about 6 more tomatoes (and had fried green tomatoes for breakfast…), leaving one tomato each on Big Zac:


and Domingo:

This Domingo fruit is on track to reach one pound, but likely not much more.  The space is just too cramped and the light source too close.

In the early part of February, we were getting near record temperatures for several consecutive days.  Then about a week ago, winter finally decided to show up, about two months late:

There are hints of Spring today though, orchid irises:

and crocuses:

Planning later this week to start hot peppers from seed indoors, trusting that tilt of the earth on its axis will once again result in longer days and warmer temperatures as we continue on another 540,000,000 mile trek around Sol.



Thirty Days from Seed to Tomato Blossom

Well, 21 days from seed planting to clear flower bud formation:

This is the variety Venus, planted on December 17, 2017, using a heat mat and a 400-Watt metal halide light.  This particular seedling emerged just 3-1/2 days from seed sowing, and buds are pronounced today, January 18, 2018.  So definitely on track to have blossoms open within 30 days of planting; then maybe 70 days from sowing to first ripe fruit.

= = = =

Update: January 16, 2017, here it is: Venus, from seed to open blossom in 30 days!

Venus micro-dwarf tomato blossom 30 days from seed

Update: March 04, 2018 – orange, soft-ripe fruit 77 days from seed sowing, 47 days from open blossom –

Leaves are scorched as a result of the plant being grown within 18″ of a 400-watt metal halide light without protection.  Semi-regrettably, this tomato is for seed saving, not eating.  I have some seeds left of this variety from last year – see full description at:

Can hardly wait until there are enough of these to snack on!

Earlier photos:

March 02:

February 28:

February 27:

February 15:

= = ==

Also, Domingo is the first of the three varieties in the indoor giant tomato project to put out a bud, and it looks like there’s going to be a megabloom in the works!

The other two vines, Big Zac and RW Cephei, look like they might have the early beginnings of megablooms as well.

= = =

1-16-2018 update on indoor giant tomato project.

The Domingo megabloom is a 4X, but is looking like a dud:

The Big Zac plant, on the other hand, has developed an impressive ribbon/fused stem, with a 3X+ megabloom developing.  I trimmed back excess leaves and suckers:

The RW Cephei plant is still very healthy, but the growing tip split into 3 stems.  I removed two of them, and tiny single flower buds are developing on the remaining stem.  We’ll see if maybe a megabloom will develop on a second truss in a couple of weeks.

= = =

A few days ago, I inoculated with mycorrhizal fungi:

At four spots around each vine, I shoved a pencil about 4″ deep and used a funnel to gradually work the granules into the soil.  This should have been done at planting, or at least potting up.  But better late than never!

My big concern is that these seedlings, now 51 days from sowing, will be pushing up against the lamp within a week.  I may have to bend the vines over and start trimming leaves much earlier than I had anticipated.  There just is not room for them to grow tall.

The last batch of seeds from 2017:

Dáchtyla Mynoa (0.018 DT 2018)

Harvested November 15, 2017.  These are very sweet little morsels, but interestingly are also crunchy and can store for weeks before getting soft.  Should make an excellent drying, as well as snacking tomato!  But there are very few seeds per fruit; on December 30th, I put 136 fruits to ferment:

After four days, when a healthy looking crop of fungi had done its job of fermentation, I extracted the seeds:

Once dried, I counted 472 seeds.  That’s only about 3.5 seeds per tomato!  That’s a lot of work and time per seed, but no discrimination here – glad to share seeds of 100’s of excellent varieties:

I just wish I could keep up with everything – website is still very far from what it ought to be, and still more than 8,000 pictures to name and…

Good thing this is enjoyable; but it sure would be nice to have an assistant or an intern – anybody out there interested in funding an internship?

Winter Indoor Giant Tomato Contest

Winter begins and my compulsion to grow continues to manifest:

I managed to make space, about 2′ X 3′, on a shelf for three large pots with three seedlings of these three varieties: Big Zac, Domingo and RW Cephei.  This third one is growing best so far:

This project is for the Winter Indoor Giant Tomato contest which is being conducted through

Pots are about 2/3 full with Foxfarm Ocean Forest potting soil – the very expensive, and hopefully very good stuff.

The are getting light and heat from a 400-watt metal halide light, with a sheet of mylar fabric (space blanket) wrapped around the area to help reflect both heat and light back onto the plants.  At night when the light is off, I plug in the heating cable.  My goal is to keep the plants always in the 70-90° F range.

The 1020 tray shown contains 18 pots planted with the variety Venus, a micro-dwarf tomato variety that produces delicious, tiny orange fruits.  The first seedling is just emerging right on schedule, 3.5 days after sowing.  Here is a picture, taken on November 02, 2016, of a Venus plant in a 1-gallon pot which produced fruits intermittently over a 6-month period:

Here is the final ripe tomato of the 2017 growing season, consumed 10 days ago – a bit of a sad loss every year:

Already there are more than 300 tomato varieties on the list as “must grow” in 2017, 140 of these from a huge seed trade with Natalia Khilenko of Russia.  A couple of related short videos that may be of interest:


Seeds of 273 Tomato Varieties saved in 2017

So many awesome NEW (to me) varieties grown in 2017!!  A number of extremely productive varieties, several that were especially beautiful, over 80 varieties that grew to 1 lb. or more (minimum size for sandwiches…), and at least 35 that were super tasty (to my taste buds, anyhow).  Reading over the list, it will become apparent that there was a strong emphasis on growing varieties from Russia and Eastern Europe this year.

Listed below are 274 (this number subject to revision) varieties of tomatoes from which seeds (nearly 400,000 seeds in total) were saved in 2017.  Among these, 196 are herein listed by Delectation of Tomatoes for the first time, while the other 78 varieties were listed in a prior year.

There were an additional 66 varieties from which I was unable to save or offer seeds for any of several reasons:
– No germination
– Tag lost or mixed up
– Seedling died from cold or Curly Top Virus or goats
– Not enough seeds to offer
– Fruits were off-type
– Need further research or to name variety

There are dozens of varieties of beans, peppers, melons, squash, corn etc. that are still in the works – perhaps by early December I’ll be ready to list those as well.

Valuable information that “ought” to be included are:  Fruit Size, Flavor Class, Function, Plant Vigor, Yield, Consistency, Fruit Color, Fruit Shape, Days to Maturity, etc. – as well as detailed descriptions and pictures.  But it will take weeks or months to get all of this information together and published on the website,

For now, only fruit size is included with these tables.  The first table is a subset of the full list, including 86 varieties which grew to one lb. or larger.  Variety names are followed by the weight, in pounds, then in grams.  Arbitrarily and by convention, “Large” tomatoes are those that grow to at least 1 lb., “BIG” tomatoes grow to at least 2 lbs., and “GIANT” tomatoes reach at least 3 lbs.  Domingo and Big Zac include seeds from several documented GIANT lineages, including descendants from Big Zac (8.41 MacCoy 2014) and very close relatives of Domingo (8.22 Marley 2017).

* Indicates varieties that are original crosses made for Delectation of Tomatoes, selected for at least four years for largest size, and named in 2017 after giant stars.  Delectation of Tomatoes subscribes to the Open Seed Source Initiative:

You have the freedom to use these OSSI-Pledged seeds in any way you choose. In return, you pledge not to restrict others’ use of these seeds or their derivatives by patents or other means, and to include this Pledge with any transfer of these seeds or their derivatives.”

Table 1.  86 tomato varieties by heaviest weight; over 60 specimens grew to 2 lbs. or more.

Weight (lb.), Weight (g), Variety
3.420, 1551, Domingo
3.376, 1531, RW Cephei*
2.830, 1284, KY Cygni*
2.730, 1238, Big Zac
2.600, 1179, AH Scorpii*
2.452, 1112, Bigzarro
2.438, 1106, Bill Bean Select
2.400, 1089, EV Carinae*
2.378, 1079, MegaMarv
2.264, 1027, Yaponiya
2.150, 975, Sainte-Lucie
2.118, 961, Donskoi
2.054, 932, Pink Oxheart
2.040, 925, Westerlund 1-26*
1.980, 898, Bezrazmernyi
1.964, 891, Tamara
1.912, 867, RS Persei*
1.902, 863, Budonovka Starinnaya
1.894, 859, Nesravnennyi
1.878, 852, Russian Oxheart
1.860, 844, Chilo della Garfagnana
1.854, 841, Smith’s Southern Giant
1.828, 829, Megazac
1.728, 784, Tadzhikskyie
1.696, 769, Slankards
1.622, 736, Astana 6
1.612, 731, CW Leonis*
1.610, 730, Gigantamo
1.610, 730, Zaczilla
1.608, 729, U Lacertae*
1.582, 718, Mexico
1.530, 694, Dyvo
1.500, 680, Vinnyi Bolgarskiy Velikan
1.486, 674, Japanese Oxheart
1.472, 668, Chudo Sada
1.470, 667, Michael’s Portuguese Monster
1.440, 653, Nochnaya Svecha
1.438, 652, Smuggler’s
1.436, 651, Mont Athos
1.388, 630, Elfie
1.386, 629, Gom Bal
1.374, 623, Dark Queen
1.360, 617, Kosovo
1.330, 603, Pineapple
1.324, 601, West Virginia Sweetmeat (3.312 DT 2014)
1.324, 601, Abkhaziya Rozovaya
1.316, 597, Mule Team
1.306, 592, Yusupovskyi S Fergany
1.306, 592, Vishnovyi
1.302, 591, Volov’ye Serdtse Pobeditel’
1.278, 580, Work Release Paste
1.262, 572, Delicious
1.258, 571, Bordovyy
1.252, 568, Berkeley Tie-dye Heart
1.252, 568, Radishchevskyie
1.234, 560, Chervonnyi Gigant
1.230, 558, Summer Sunrise
1.224, 555, Kukla’s Portuguese Beefsteak
1.216, 552, Yellow Beefsteak
1.212, 550, Absinthe
1.210, 549, Regina’s Yellow
1.208, 548, Daniel Burson
1.202, 545, Casey’s Pure Yellow
1.184, 537, R Leporis*
1.184, 537, Aker’s Oxheart
1.166, 529, Minusinskyi Ploskyi
1.160, 526, Brandy Boy
1.160, 526, Rufus Carrigan’s Mexican Pink
1.156, 524, Huge Giant Yellow
1.108, 503, Joe’s Pink Oxheart
1.104, 501, Kuum
1.092, 495, Flathead Monster Pink
1.090, 494, Anzhela Gigant Ukrainskaya
1.082, 491, Chernyi Okshart
1.080, 490, Biyskiy Rozan
1.078, 489, Aker’s West Virginia
1.072, 486, Bozhyi Dar
1.058, 480, Bukharskoye Bych’ye Serdtse
1.056, 479, Giant
1.050, 476, Altayskiy Belyy
1.042, 473, Suzdal’Skyie
1.032, 468, Chernigovskyi
1.032, 468, Russkiy Razmer Rozovyy
1.016, 461, Bugay Rozovyi
1.012, 459, Super Nova
1.008, 457, Brandywine from Croatia, PL
1.000, 454, Hazel Mae

Table 2.  273 tomato varieties listed alphabetically.  Many of these are Russian varieties.

Variety, Weight (lb.), Weight (g)
Abakanets, 0.690, 313
Abkhaziya Rozovaya, 1.324, 601
Absinthe, 1.212, 550
Adamovo Yabloko, 0.488, 221
Agatha, 0.860, 390
AH Scorpii*, 2.600, 1179
Aker’s Oxheart, 1.184, 537
Aker’s West Virginia, 1.078, 489
Altayskiy Belyy, 1.050, 476
Alyi Mustang, 0.402, 182
Andrew Rahart’s Jumbo Red, 0.130, 59
Andy Buckflats Wonder, 0.508, 230
Anzhela Gigant Ukrainskaya, 1.090, 494
Arabskyi Gigant, 0.304, 138
Argentinskaya Slivka, 0.296, 134
Astana 6, 1.622, 736
Aunt Gertie’s Gold, 0.586, 266
Auria, 0.170, 77
Aussie Drops, 0.151, 68
Babushka Byka, 0.756, 343
Babushkina Radost’, 0.584, 265
Babushkino Bych’ye Serdtse, 0.946, 429
Basrawya, 0.200, 91
Bear Creek, 0.468, 212
Berkeley Tie-dye Heart, 1.252, 568
Berkshire Polish Beefsteak, 0.766, 347
Bezrazmernyi, 1.980, 898
Bezymyannyie Semonovny, 0.584, 265
Big Cheef, 0.912, 414
Big Zac, 2.730, 1238
Bigzarro, 2.452, 1112
Bill Bean Select, 2.438, 1106
Biyskiy Rozan, 1.080, 490
Black Beauty, 0.492, 223
Black Cherry, 0.026, 12
Bloody Butcher, 0.590, 268
Bodryi Ptichyi Krik, 0.430, 195
Bolgarskyi Delikates, 0.336, 152
Bordovyy, 1.258, 571
Boroda Printsa, 0.714, 324
Bozhyi Dar, 1.072, 486
Brandy Boy, 1.160, 526
Brandywine from Croatia, PL, 1.008, 457
Budonovka Starinnaya, 1.902, 863
Buffalo, 0.041, 19
Bugay Rozovyi, 1.016, 461
Bukharskoye Bych’ye Serdtse, 1.058, 480
Bŭlgarska Khala, 0.888, 403
Buzkove Ozero, 0.280, 127
Bychiy Myod, 0.820, 372
Bych’ye Serdtse Abakanskoye, 0.688, 312
Bych’ye Serdtse Kazakhstanskoye, 0.496, 225
Bych’ye Serdtse Minusinskoye Kistevoye, 0.364, 165
Bychyi Myod, 0.820, 372
Cascade Village Blue, 0.520, 236
Casey’s Pure Yellow, 1.202, 545
Chernigovskyi, 1.032, 468
Chernyi Okshart, 1.082, 491
Chervonnyi Gigant, 1.234, 560
Chilo della Garfagnana, 1.860, 844
Chudo Gollandii, 0.200, 91
Chudo Sada, 1.472, 668
Corazon De Bue, 0.728, 330
Cosmonaut Volkov, 0.638, 289
Couer de Bob, 0.400, 181
Cuostralée, 0.804, 365
CW Leonis*, 1.612, 731
Dactyla Mynoa, 0.028, 13
Daniel Burson, 1.208, 548
Dark Queen, 1.374, 623
Delicious, 1.262, 572
Domingo, 3.420, 1551
Donskoi, 2.118, 961
Druzba, 0.942, 427
Dwarf Russian Swirl, 0.656, 298
Dwarf Stone, 0.286, 130
Dwarf Sweet Sue, 0.432, 196
Dyvo, 1.530, 694
Early Salad (F2), 0.224, 102
Elfie, 1.388, 630
EV Carinae*, 2.400, 1089
Fakel, 0.444, 201
Federiko, 0.178, 81
Fishlake Oxheart, 0.638, 289
Flashentomate, 0.039, 18
Flathead Monster Pink, 1.092, 495
Fleur de Reagir, 0.668, 303
G. G.’s Yellow Belgian, 0.484, 220
General Kornilov, 0.390, 177
Giant, 1.056, 479
Gigant Napy, 0.552, 250
Gigant Zenta Semi, 0.584, 265
Gigantamo, 1.610, 730
Gladiator (F2), 0.310, 141
Goluboy Les, 0.070, 32
Gom Bal, 1.386, 629
Goose Creek Black, 0.562, 255
Gospozha Udacha, 0.668, 303
Grandpa’s Cock’s Plume, 0.944, 428
Granonnyie, 0.468, 212
Green Doctors Frosted, 0.029, 13
Gregori’s Altai, 0.412, 187
Gruzinskyie, 0.772, 350
Hagan Little Yellow, 0.017, 8
Hazel Mae, 1.000, 454
Herman’s Yellow, 0.760, 345
Hippie Heart, 0.652, 296
Honey Giant, 0.970, 440
Huge Giant Yellow, 1.156, 524
Indigo Black Shadow, 0.310, 141
Iosi- San, 0.468, 212
Irish Stripes, 0.376, 171
Japanese Oxheart, 1.486, 674
Jaune Flammee, 0.178, 81
Joe’s Pink Oxheart, 1.108, 503
Jutland, 0.274, 124
Kadyshevskyie, 0.400, 181
Kameliya, 0.692, 314
Kanary, 0.538, 244
Kavkazskaya Liana, 0.152, 69
Kazakhskaya Sliva, 0.504, 229
King Kong, 0.806, 366
Kitayskyi Obsypnoy Malysh, 0.166, 75
Komandor Fortuna, 0.626, 284
Kommercheskyi Rozovyi, 0.942, 427
Koralic, 0.016, 7
Korenovskyie, 0.726, 329
Kosovo, 1.360, 617
Krasochnaya Sliva, 0.364, 165
Kubanskaya Sliva, 0.542, 246
Kukla’s Portuguese Beefsteak, 1.224, 555
Kuum, 1.104, 501
KY Cygni*, 2.830, 1284
Ladoshka, 0.400, 181
Lapot’ Iz Sadovki, 0.838, 380
Lattanzio Pendulous, 0.668, 303
Legend, 0.250, 113
Leningradskyi Serdtsevidnyi, 0.756, 343
Lenny & Gracie’s Kentucky Heirloom, 0.544, 247
Lidiya, 0.986, 447
Liguria, 0.358, 162
Lithium Sunset X Indigo Rose (F3), 0.400, 181
Lithuanian, 0.992, 450
Livingston’s Gold Ball, 0.100, 45
Lucinda, 0.350, 159
Lyudmilka, 0.998, 453
Maddeline’s Vine Candy, 0.024, 11
Makedonskoye Rozovoye Chudo, 0.804, 365
Malina Treston, 0.071, 32
Malinovyi Rassvet, 0.822, 373
Marizol Gold, 0.994, 451
Marshal Pobeda, 0.600, 272
Matador, 0.686, 311
Matina, 0.098, 44
Medvezh’ye Serdtse, 0.878, 398
MegaMarv, 2.378, 1079
Megazac, 1.828, 829
Mexico, 1.582, 718
Michael’s Portuguese Monster, 1.470, 667
Minusinskiy Yablochnyy Rozovyy, 0.794, 360
Minusinskyi Nizkoroslyi, 0.930, 422
Minusinskyi Pertsevidnyi, 0.472, 214
Minusinskyi Ploskyi, 1.166, 529
Minusinskyi Starinnyi, 0.698, 317
Minusinskyi Urozhaynyi, 0.928, 421
Model’, 0.516, 234
Moldavskyie Rozovyie, 0.974, 442
Mont Athos   , 1.436, 651
Mr. Bruno, 0.388, 176
Mule Team, 1.316, 597
Nesravnennyi, 1.894, 859
Nizkoroslyi Sverkhrannyi, 0.572, 259
Nochnaya Svecha, 1.440, 653
Northern Delight, 0.652, 296
Odessa, 0.180, 82
Old Brooks, 0.496, 225
Omskyi Velikan, 0.924, 419
Orange Bourgoin, 0.142, 64
Parikmakher, 0.562, 255
Pearl’s Yellow Pink, 0.396, 180
Petrovich, 0.968, 439
Phoenix, 0.516, 234
Pineapple, 1.330, 603
Pink Oxheart, 2.054, 932
Pobeda Kosmonavtiki, 0.898, 407
Pobeda, 0.402, 182
Poma Amoris Minora Lutea, 0.106, 48
Purple Cherry, 0.179, 81
Purple Elgin GWR, 0.175, 79
Purple Reign, 0.336, 152
Quiynai Huang, 0.292, 132
R Leporis*, 1.184, 537
Radishchevskyie, 1.252, 568
Rannyaya Lyubov, 0.702, 318
Red Groppi, 0.690, 313
Red Robin, 0.021, 10
Regina’s Yellow, 1.210, 549
Rozovyi Gigant, 0.646, 293
RS Persei*, 1.912, 867
Rufus Carrigan’s Mexican Pink, 1.160, 526
Russian Oxheart, 1.878, 852
Russian Rose, 0.652, 296
Russkiy Razmer Malinovyy, 0.964, 437
Russkiy Razmer Rozovyy, 1.032, 468
Russo Sicilian Togetta, 0.080, 36
RW Cephei*, 3.376, 1531
Sainte-Lucie, 2.150, 975
San Marzano, 0.364, 165
Sasha’s Altai, 0.240, 109
Serdtse Italii, 0.844, 383
Serebryanyi Klyuch, 0.874, 396
Siberian, 0.276, 125
Sibirskiy Skorospelyi, 0.606, 275
Skubi, 0.134, 61
Slankards, 1.696, 769
Slava Moldovy (Orange), 0.166, 75
Smith’s Southern Giant, 1.854, 841
Smuggler’s, 1.438, 652
Soldatovo, 0.476, 216
Solntse Moyo, 0.564, 256
Sosedi Otdykhayut, 0.118, 54
Sosulka Zheltaya, 0.154, 70
Spasskyie Iz Ryazani, 0.904, 410
Spyashchyi Gigant, 0.860, 390
Stal’, 0.594, 269
Staroobryadcheskyi, 0.978, 444
Striped Sweetheart Dark, 0.526, 239
Sub Arctic 2, 0.174, 79
Sugar Plum Fairy, 0.430, 195
Summer Sunrise, 1.230, 558
Super Nova, 1.012, 459
Suzdal’Skyie, 1.042, 473
Sweet Appertif, 0.013, 6
Syzranka, 0.702, 318
Tadzhikskyie, 1.728, 784
Tamara, 1.964, 891
Taterkin, 0.646, 293
Teschchin Yazyk, 0.620, 281
Tollison’s German, 0.472, 214
Tomatoberry, 0.018, 8
Tondio Liscio, 0.946, 429
Tsar’, 0.456, 207
U Lacertae*, 1.608, 729
Ukh, Visit!, 0.654, 297
Ukrainian Pear, 0.252, 114
Van’ka, 0.922, 418
Variegated, 0.167, 76
Verkiny, 0.794, 360
Vikulya, 0.950, 431
Vinnyi Bolgarskiy Velikan, 1.500, 680
Vishnovyi, 1.306, 592
Volov’ye Serdtse Pobeditel’, 1.302, 591
Wessel’s Purple Pride, 0.296, 134
West Virginia Sweetmeat (3.312 DT 2014), 1.324, 601
Westerlund 1-26*, 2.040, 925
Wild Thyme Purple, 0.952, 432
Work Release Paste, 1.278, 580
Yablochnyy Lipetskiy, 0.986, 447
Ya-Gigant, 0.400, 181
Yaponiya, 2.264, 1027
Yegipetskaya Lad’ya, 0.804, 365
Yellow Beefsteak, 1.216, 552
Yusupovskyi S Fergany, 1.306, 592
Zaczilla, 1.610, 730
Zagadka Doliny Roz Sertsevidnaya, 0.400, 181
Zalais Pipertomats, 0.388, 176
Zamok Shartr, 0.844, 383
Zapotec Red, 0.642, 291
Zarevo, 0.602, 273
Zeke Dishman, 0.730, 331
Zheltij Delikates, 0.300, 136
Zhenskaya Grud’, 0.400, 181
Zluta Kytice, 0.224, 102
Zogola, 0.830, 376

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