60 to Zero in 8 Days

The mighty Siberian Elm has fallen!!  Watch the slightly scary video, along with written commentary, at this YouTube video:

Click on the YouTube icon to read commentary.

Now that this enormous obstacle is down, the next big project is stump and root removal, at least down to 12″ or so.  Then leveling out the ground.  Then constructing a custom high tunnel.  Then – well, it just never ends!  It’s all good though – for a clear and positive purpose, which doesn’t involve making some corporate fat-cat even fatter off the labor of others.  Though someday I hope to be able to hire a helper, at least part time.

Still processing seeds, the last 150 or so batches.  Here is the last major batch, seeds extracted on November 29th:

The ladybugs on the 20 potted pepper plants in the cellar have pretty much gone dormant.  Too cool down there.  Plants are struggling but mostly surviving.  Aphids are doing fine – a species I’ve not seen before:

Maybe everyone else already knows about this; but I came across these at the local grocery store a couple of weeks ago:

Very oblong, black, seedless grapes, brand name Welch’s.  Very yummy – plenty good enough for that nearly insatiable sweet tooth… I hope to grow some grapes and other perennials here within the next year or two.

After dark work for the next several weeks:  processing thousands of photos and getting some 2,000 additional varieties profiled on the website for seed sharing.  While I’m working on getting that project up to date, here is the link I’ve created for requesting seeds of any of the 3,500 or so total varieties I have in inventory:

DT Seeds, Generic for all varieties

I just wish I had the time and energy to keep up with it all – always on the run!












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