Glass Gem Corn

New pics just added below on 11-04-2013

= = = = =

Wow, these ears are even more stunning than the pictures published by my seed source!  Click on pics to get the full effect.

The most striking:

Corn, Glass Gem O rev

Darker hues:

Corn, Glass Gem J rev

Lighter hues:

Corn, Glass Gem L rev

Full spectrum:

Corn, Glass Gem H rev

Largest ear:

Corn, Glass Gem B rev

Want to grow some yourself?  Just follow the generic Add to Cart button at:

These plants barely survived a record hot summer and inconsistent watering, but they are producing well now. Stalks are in a sheltered spot so survived two frost events of the past week.  This is a popping corn that can also be used for cornmeal.

See the full story behind this flamboyant expression of Nature’s art:

It will be at least December before all seeds from 2013 are listed on the website.  I’m at best 40% finished with seed saving from the 2013 season.  Hundreds of tomatoes, melons, squash, peppers, etc. are waiting in queue at various stages for me to find the time to process them.  Many are still on the vine!

= = = = = = = = = =

Update, 11-04-2013

All Glass Gem corn is now harvested and drying or dried enough for shipping.

WOW, what a riot of colors!  Here’s a sampling of some more gems:

Corn, Glass Gem ZZZZH rev

Corn, Glass Gem ZZZR rev

Corn, Glass Gem ZZZV rev

Corn, Glass Gem ZZZ rev

Corn, Glass Gem ZZX rev

Corn, Glass Gem ZZE rev

If it’s not obvious yet, this is about as much fun as you can have growing corn and there is no end to the variety.  And by the way, Glass Gem pops up nicely, virtually 100% pop rate, though a few kernels were only partially popped:

Corn, Glass Gem T

Unfortunately, beauty is only skin deep in this realm.  Popped kernels are a bright white with a very good though mild flavor, about 2/3 the volume of typical store-bought popcorn.


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