Curly Top Virus, Beet Leafhopper and Tomato Plant Destruction

In southern Utah this past week, setting up supports and weeding.


Kanab Garden 6-24-2014 A


Kanab Garden 6-27-2014 A

Some losses to pocket gophers:

Kanab Gopher 6-24-2014 A

Widespread losses to Curly Top Virus, carried by Beet Leafhoppers, Circulifer tenellus.  Of 516 tomato vines, 260 are dead or nearly so.  Probably 150+ are in earlier stages of the disease.  This sight was way too common:

Kanab sick tomatoes 6-25-2014 L Kanab sick tomatoes 6-25-2014 M Kanab sick tomatoes 6-25-2014 K

Kanab sick tomatoes 6-25-2014 G

Note the purple veins and how healthy the weeds are!  Nothing can save these plants at this point.  Yet another lesson learned the hard way.  Working on mesh bags to put over replacement seedlings which will go in about two weeks from now.  Also planning on companion plantings of marigolds and basil.

Melons, on the other hand, are doing very well.  Of 60 varieties, here’s the first to blossom and set fruit, just 40 days from sowing seeds!

Melon Ananasnaya 6-27-2014 A