Tomato Patch Completed!

July 15th, 2022, 10:00 a.m.

Finally, after exactly 28 days of concerted effort, including a lot of very significant help, transplanting of the main tomato patch is completed, as well as 185 tomato vines planted into the overflow section north of the water supply pipe.

Delectation of Tomatoes, Main Tomato Patch completed, 2022

In the triangular section are 36 much larger “seedlings” that were selected from among the 800+ tomato seedlings in 3-1/2″ pots that are still hoping to find a good home where they can spread their roots and produce delicious tomatoes this season. These are leftovers that I had hoped, but was unable to sell to other growers this year.

Brief summary (numbers approximate until data entered):

977 tomato vines in main garden patch
340 tomato vines in the deer exclosure
1,317 tomato vines total from which I hope to save seeds this year

650 – approximate number of varieties from which I hope to save a significant number of seeds this year.

Question to be answered: Can tomato vines planted from seed as late June 6th, and transplanted as late as July 13th, still produce ripe tomatoes for seed saving before the first killing frost of Fall?

And now, to try to catch up on the many other projects which I have procrastinated due to my intense focus on this modest tomato patch.

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