No Longer an Itinerant Farmer

After months of searching, I landed in a small house on a fair-sized lot (0.29 acre) in one of the most affordable towns in Utah, East Carbon.  Located 2-1/2 hours from Salt Lake City, there are no big markets nearby, so there will be more focus on seed production.

However, this backyard has apparently never had a garden.  I brought what I could of a garden: 27 twenty-gallon pots from last year’s giant tomato project:

Old place, elevation 4,600′

New place, 6,200′

These pots might be essentially the entire garden this year, unless I can get some funding to install a greenhouse.  The growing season is just too short, the nights too cool, to be able to grow much in terms of tomatoes, peppers, or melons.

Best case scenario: I install a 5,000 square-foot, fully functional greenhouse by mid-April.  But that may be wishful thinking and overly ambitious – just so many limitations.  At this point, I cannot commit to growing much of anything in 2020, as for the moment, the focus is on unpacking, reorganizing, filling seed orders, and preparing for and attending seed exchanges.

Plenty of seeds to share with other growers!

Delectation of Tomatoes Seeds for Sale

Seed purchases will really help with funding a greenhouse – plans are to use geothermal heat exchange techniques to all year-round growing!


2 thoughts on “No Longer an Itinerant Farmer

  1. Good luck on your new home/location.Wow that’s really a mile high. I just received my order from you and I’m amazed at the packaging and presentation of my order down to your hand written note to wishing me a great season . Believe me I’m going to brag across my social media platforms about what a professional job you are doing .Again good luck to you and I’ll keep in touch throughout the year.

    • I very much appreciate your support and encouragement! I really enjoying trying, preserving and sharing seeds of all these wonderful different varieties. It takes way more than one person to keep this going, so anything you can do to “spread the word” is very helpful – marketing just is not my forte…

      As always, I welcome any feedback on performance of the different varieties: productivity, flavor, vigor, size, etc. I’m just one set of taste buds growing on one tiny patch of land, so I rely a lot on the observations of others to provide fair and reliable descriptions. I hope you discover some new favorites this year!

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