Midseason Progress

Time crunch, so this will be brief, more of a vlog, this video from August 06, 2018:


On August 27th, I picked the first tomato over 2 lbs. and it was NOT from the high tunnel.  Instead it was on a vine of the variety Hercegovac in the open field, with no pruning or thinning.  This 2.050 lb. specimen came from a quite impressive, dense cluster of large tomatoes – perhaps 15 lbs. of tomatoes shown in this shot alone:


I think my pruning efforts in the high tunnel may be counter-productive?

Many thousands of grasshoppers getting their fill in the tomato patch, along with the occasional relative, probably a Broad-winged katydid, Microcentrum rhombifolium:

Seeds saving – yes, lots, currently (August 28th) at least 80 hours behind on harvesting and processing tomatoes for seeds – not to mention computer-based work such as naming thousands of new photographs, entering data from seed harvesting, trascribing field notes and adding new varieties to the website.

Video update, August 30th:  seed saving work station, slightly overwhelmed –


To be fair, I am getting some help with processing for seed extraction, on occasion:

Video update, September 2nd:



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