Winter Survival

Here are a few types which survived the 2013-14 winter.

Pomegranate, Wonderful.  In the high tunnel, completely top-killed, but the roots survived and are putting out vigorous, fresh foliage.  Next winter, a heavy covering of dried leaves or straw is in order to protect this semi-tropical plant.

Pomegranate, Wonderful, Winter survival

Mangelwurzel (giant Mangel Beet), in the high tunnel, now going to seed, leaves decimated by leaf miners.

Beet, Mangelwurzel 5-28-2014


Chives, 5-28-2014

Bunching onions

Onion, bunching 5-28-2014

Kohlrabi, Superschmelz 10-26-2014; soccer ball sized, stored in the garage over the winter, now finished flowering in the tunnel.  Even the big ones of this variety are tender and tasty.  Not likely to produce many viable seeds, as kohlrabi and relatives are self-infertile.

Kohlrabi, Superschmelz 10-26-2014 AKohlrabi, Superschmelz 5-28-2014


Parsley, Triple curled

Parsley, Triple Curled 5-28-2014 B

Orach, self-seeding

Orach, 5-28-2014

Endive, about 30% survival in the open

Endive, 5-28-2014

Korean Mint, nice flavor with a hint of anise

Mint, Korean 5-28-2014

Radicchio, about 20% winter survival in the open

Radicchio, 5-28-2014 A

Parsnip, Hollow Crown, delicious cooked, all winter long.  Plants now over 6′ tall, flowers just starting to open.

Parsnip, Hollow Crown 5-28-2014 A Parsnip, Hollow Crown 5-28-2014 B

Arugula – unstoppable, enjoyed all winter long from the high tunnel.

Arugula, 5-28-2014

Strawberries, transplanted from runners two years ago, looks like we might actually get some decent production this year.

Strawberry, 5-28-2014 A

And our most productive green, enjoyed all winter long, with 100% survival in the high tunnel:  Frisée, a relative of endive and chicory, just starting to bloom like crazy.

Frisée flowering 5-28-2014 BFrisée flowering 5-28-2014 AFrisée flowering 5-28-2014 E rev  Frisée flowering 5-28-2014 A rev

Also surviving or reseeding well: Purple of Sicily Cauliflower, several varieties of radish, hairy vetch, Purple Vienna Kohlrabi, Walking Stick Cabbage, Goji Berry, Cilantro, potato, sunchoke, rhubarb, several varieties of lettuce, Aunt Molly’s Ground Cherry (reseeding) tomato (everywhere), and lots more that overwintered as seeds in the compost pile.  It is emotionally challenging for me to discard the volunteers rather than try to find a home for them!

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