First Megabloom of 2014

Seems like we’re repeating the weather pattern of the past couple of years: skip the 80’s and go straight to the 90’s. Skip Spring, go straight from Winter to Summer. Predicted high of 93° today. I hope this one takes!

MegaMarv (2.678 DT 2012)(5.51 Meisner 2011)

MegaMarv (2.678 DT 2012) blossom A00B rev

Looks like a couple of triples!  Plants are too small to support a big tomato, but after the disaster last year with trying to get blossoms to set in the heat, I may have to take what I can get now.

Seed was planted on 3-25-2014, emerged on 5-30 (5 days – the earliest of all 24 pots of giant tomato seeds; most took 14 days, give or take a few), transplanted on 5-21 (64 days from seed).  If all goes well, this tomato will be ripe on about 7-12.

Three other varieties are all blooming now as well:  Russian, Domingo, Rebecca Sebastian’s Bull Bag.  Planting seeds directly into 1-gallon pots makes a HUGE difference as far as seedling growth and early maturity.  If space, time and $ were not such huge considerations, I would use only these larger pots.  None of the seedlings raised in smaller pots are anywhere close to blooming, except the super early ones like Stupice and Forest Fire.

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