Perfekta update

It turns out that the Perfekta seeds were apparently from 1969, making them 44 years old!  Final germation rates were:

For nicked seeds, 1 of 6 germinated

For intact seeds, 4 of 6 germinated

Too small of a sample size to draw statistical conclusions, but good evidence that nicking very old tomato seeds is probably not essential to facilitate germination.

Here’s the latest pic, with flower buds just a few days from opening:Perfekta seedlings 2-18-2013

We’re up to 29 plug trays planted – even trying plug trays for carrots and parsnips!  Here’s a pic of the early tomatoes at 13 days after planting:Early Tomato Seedlings 2-18-2013

This first tomato tray of the year had 93% germination rate.  I usually like to see at least 95%.  But this tray has 113 varieties from 54 sources.  There are bound to be a couple of bad batches.

And here’s the latest pic of Carolina Reaper pepper seedlings:Pepper, Carolina Reaper 2-18-2013


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