First thing tomorrow morning I will be clipping off my biggest tomato and taking it in to the Utah Department of Food and Agriculture, Division of Weights and Measures to have it officially weighed.  It’s barely 50% ripe, but the rotting areas are spreading faster than the red coloration.  It’s starting to look like it’s been through a war.

Here are my final measurements for the weight estimation formula, where CC=circumference measurements in cm.

CC1 = 58.6 (this is 23.1″ taped circumference)

CC2 = 47.6

CC3 = 51.3

W=0.016043*CC1*CC2*CC3 (weight in grams)

W = 0.016043*58.6*47.6*51.3 = 2,295.7g = 5.06 lb.

Taking an average between the widest and narrowest meaurement on the dimension with the deepest crevice, that is CC2=42.6, W = 4.53

Taking off 8% (a barely educated guess) from 5.06 to account for deep lobing, W=4.66

Using caliper measurements (my standard daily routine) and formula, W=4.79

Now, thinking outside the formulas, it seems reasonable to subtract some additional weight from the estimate because of serious fungal invasion (especially on the back side) and the fact that there is a significant gap which passes all the way through the tomato.

So I’m going to pretend I know what I’m talking about and give my final prediction:

                                           W = 4.38 lb.

And I can still hope it will crack 4.5.

        Big Zac (3.94 Pennington 2010) B-002 ZZG 

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