Hard Freeze – then what?

We’ve managed to limp through several light frosts, starting on October 4th.  But October 24-25 brought the first snow of the season along with a hard freeze of 25°F.  Here are a few related pics –

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The protective tarp largely blew off during the night, but the two largest tomatoes managed to survive in fair condition.  They are both Big Zac’s and measure to 3.1 and 4.1 lbs.  To reach their full potential in terms of weight, they need to ripen.  Perhaps the warmer weather over the next few days will encourage that.

So after the hard freeze?  I’ve still got seed processing of about 120 varieties of peppers, 20 beans, 12 lettuce, 140 tomatoes, and a bunch of others to do, preferably by Saturday the 20th.  Not to mention cleaning up the fields, adding organic matter, tilling, website development…all good stuff!

A small sample:

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