Another Giant Big Zac

It looks like another tomato will come in at over 3 lbs. this year!

From a Big Zac (3.94 Pennington 2010)(7.18 Harp 2010), on about 8-26-2012, a 4X+ blossom set fruit.  Here’s what it looked like as a megabloom on 8-19:

Here it is on 8-31, about a week along:

And here it is on 10-07, at about 43 days along:

This one measures to 3.02 lbs., which is probably a bit of an overestimate because of the pronounced lobing.  Despite cooler weather (including light frost the last 3 nights), this one continues to gain weight at about 3% per day.  Admittedly a very optimistic projection, but 5 more days at this rate could put it at 3.5 lbs., 10 more days at 4 lbs.!  It’s past due for ripening, but I’ve noticed that many younger tomatoes still on the vine in October tend to just keep growing at a slow pace without ripening.  Warmer weather is in the 10-day forecast so maybe…





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