Church (3.208 DT 2012)

Finally made it over the 3 lb. “Giant Tomato” barrier!  Nice to have a state record to go along with it.  Not as big as I had hoped: 7% underweight from my ellipsoid-based formula.  It shrunk just a bit the past couple of days.  It’s much greener on top and on the shaded side than I would have guessed, so I’m thinking it could have waited another 3 days or so to allow more conversion to sugars, thus increasing fruit density.  I’ve not noticed hollow seed locules with the variety Church, so I’m not going to make that excuse.

Certified official Utah state record, 3.208 lbs., or 3 lbs. 3.33 oz.  Certified by officials of the Weights and Measures Division of the Utah State Department of Agriculture and Food: “It doesn’t get anymore official than this in the state of Utah” they told me.  These are the guys that certify all the scales in the state.

Submitted to Great Pumpkin Commonwealth as 3.208 Thurber 2012, variety Church, open pollinated.

Anyhow, following are a few pics.  The larger pics show a good view of the late-season giant tomato bed and depict renewed confidence in the small kitchen scales I use to weigh all my big tomatoes.

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