Anticipation – Chuch 3.??

In a few hours I’ll be harvesting a new Utah state record tomato and taking it in for official weighing and certification at the state’s Division of Weights and Measures.

Current official state record is  2.762 lbs. (several people have claimed to have grown 3-4+ pounders, but have produced no documentation that I’m aware of).

Applying the ellipsoid-based formula with my latest measurements puts this one at 3 lbs. 6 oz., or 3.38 lbs.  I’ll bracket it between 3.10 and 3.50 and hope for the higher side.  I’m thinking it might go on the heavier side, since lobing is minor and there are few surface irregularities.  Additionally, it’s mostly ripe, which should increase its density somewhat.

Growth rate has been slow but steady over the past week – about 1.4% per day.  Today was the first day of shrinkage, and that was very slight.

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